Reggie Fils-Aimé preferred the Xbox over the GameCube

Reggie Fils-Aimé is possibly one of the most recognized figures in the video game industry. The old executive of Nintendo certainly has a lot of remarkable moments throughout his career, and although as such he no longer works in gaming, he still has some very good anecdotes from when he still did not join the Great N.

One of those anecdotes was shared recently during the commemorative event of Xbox that took place a few days ago, where Son-Aimé actuó as moderator. When Robbie Bach, former president of the Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division, asked the rest of the participants to tell some of their favorite anecdotes with Xbox, this was what he commented Son-Aimé:

“When the first Xbox came out, I was not in the industry, so I was a consumer. I was the typical consumer who already had a PlayStation 2 at home. I also had the Nintendo 64, and I was thinking of buying the GameCube, but I didn’t buy it until I started working at Nintendo. “

Son-Aimé explained that it was thanks to his son that he bought the first XboxWell, apparently, I wanted to play Halo:

“That was the experience that brought the Xbox into my home, with all that huge control.”

Remember that next year, Fils-Aimé will launch a book on the market and here you can find out more details about it.


Editor’s note: This is not to say that Fils-Aimé is a traitor or anything like that, since after all, it is common for some executives from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft to have competing consoles at home. Also, at that time, Fils-Aimé was still not working in the Big N, so we can’t really tell him anything.

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