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Reggio Calabria, “Full Speed” operation: the road accident in Archi was actually an attempted murder, 2 arrests [NOMI e DETTAGLI]

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Reggio Calabria: what, on the surface, looked like a simple road accident in Archi, turned out to be an attempted murder, planned for some time

In the early hours of today’s morning, as a result of detailed investigations coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Reggio Calabria directed by the Attorney Giovanni Bombardieri, the Reggio Mobile Squad – with the coordination of the Central Operational Service of the State Police and the support of some crews of the local UPGSP – has implemented the order for the application of the precautionary measure of custody in prison no. 2701/21 RGNR, nr. 1961/21 RGIP and nr. 35/21 ROCC issued on 15.07.2021 – at the request of the DDA – by the GIP at the Court of Reggio Calabria, against 2 subjects in Reggio Calabria, Emilio Molinetti e Marco Geria, both 31 years old, both held responsible for attempted murder, receiving stolen goods and damage by fire, all aggravated by the circumstance of mafia facilitation.

The investigations carried out by the State Police – under the directives of the Deputy Prosecutors of the DDA of Reggio Calabria Stefano Musolino and Walter Ignazitto – focused on what happened on the morning of May 26, when, in the Archi district of Reggio Calabria, Benestare Giorgio (born in 1960 ), already convicted in the past for criminal association of a Mafia type, was hit by a van, while walking along the Via Croce Cimitero, suffering very serious injuries.

What, in appearance, seemed a simple accident road, it turned out to be a attempted murder, planned for some time.

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In this sense, the incessant and uninterrupted investigative activity conducted, since the immediacy of the facts, by the Reggio Mobile Squad – “Organized Crime and Capturing” Section – was decisive – which acquired and meticulously analyzed numerous images extrapolated from various video systems surveillance.

The precise reconstruction of the facts made by the investigators allowed not only to ascertain the exact dynamics of the same, but also to identify and identify the material authors of that malicious investment.

And in fact, it was ascertained that, at about 11am that day, while Benestare was walking up the aforementioned Via Croce Cimitero, he was hit at high speed by a white Fiat Doblò, which hit him in full force. On board that vehicle, the investigative results acquired testify to the presence of today’s arrested persons, who, after having become aware of the presence of the Approval who circulated on foot in the Archi district, recovered the Fiat Doblò – concealed, as it had been stolen over the months passed – and have been waiting, in the area, for the right moment to invest it.

When the Approval was traveling along via Croce Cimitero (isolated road with no sidewalk), the suspects, aboard the FIAT Doblò, accelerated and maliciously hit the victim.

Not only that, after making a U-turn, they traveled, this time downhill, via Croce Cimitero trying to hit Benestare again, failing only because the same, following the first impact, had been thrown inside a small balcony in front of a house.

The investigations made it possible to ascertain even the escape route of the perpetrators of the attempted murder; in fact, still aboard the Fiat Doblò, they headed from Archi towards Gallico and abandoned the vehicle in question in the bed of the Scaccioti stream. It is there that the vehicle was found, set on fire, the following day by police officers in control of the territory. In the immediate vicinity, the number plates (front and rear) of the Fiat Doblò were found which, although blackened, were still visible.

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It was the same license plate number that in the meantime the Mobile investigators had discovered while continuing the incessant analysis of the acquired images.

That vehicle, from the investigations carried out, was found to be stolen.

Not only that, again through the meticulous analysis of the images, it was cleared that, shortly after the Fiat Doblò had been abandoned in the Scaccioti shore, a subject, aboard a moped with a plate covered by a yellow cloth, had went to the place, to set it on fire.

The reconstruction made by the investigators has ascertained that the intentional investment of the Approval was the result of a preordained and programmed plan over time, aimed at making an attempt on his life.

Emblematic in this sense were the use of a stolen vehicle, having then set it on fire, as well as the elimination of some cameras that could have framed them.

However, this did not prevent the investigators of the Flying Squad – experts in the field of contrasting local organized crime – from acquiring important elements that led to the identification of those arrested.

The results of the investigative activities – conducted with the constant coordination of the Reggio Calabria Anti-Mafia District Directorate which requested, for the authors of the facts described, suitable precautionary measures – were, in fact, shared by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations who issued the order executed today. Finally, in the light of the evidence that emerged from the investigations, in addition to the aggravating circumstance of the mafia facilitation, the arrested persons were charged – with regard to the attempted murder – the aggravating circumstances of premeditation and of having acted in conditions of place such as to hinder the private defense, while – as regards the crimes of receiving stolen goods and damage by fire to the van – the circumstance of having committed the deed to carry out the attempted murder of Approval.

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