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Through an article published by the official "Juventud Rebelde" government, the Cuban government seeks to discredit the benefit of having a diet rich in proteins.

The consumption of meats harms the health and diminishes the life expectancy according to the Cuban government. (AGRINEWS)

Trying to seek justification for the undeniable and serious problem of food shortages in Cuba, Cuban government officials allege that eating meat is not beneficial to health.

Through an article published by the official newspaper "Juventud Rebelde", a note was published that seeks to discredit the benefits of maintaining a diet rich in proteins and encouraging the consumption of carbohydrates, suggesting that the consumption of meats may shorten the life expectancy and bring negative consequences for health; all this based on a supposed study carried out by the Institute of Medical and Health Research of Australia.

"Diets rich in protein are not healthy and can shorten the life of humans", "Carbohydrates have a lot of bad press, especially in relation to diet, but the key is balance and knowing the difference between good carbohydrates and the bad ones "are excerpts from that article.

In another paragraph recommend the consumption of fruits, cereals, vegetables and other foods that are as difficult to access and consume as it is with the case of meat.

"Eating fiber-rich carbohydrates like those found in fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed cereals and seeds will lead to much healthier benefits and longevity."

While the government continues to look for silly excuses to justify the indisputable reality behind the food shortage that the country presents, the real problem continues to grow and suffer for the people of Cuba.

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