Regional court St. Pölten – Hitler as a passion: 15 months imprisonment for Eschenauer

An Eschenauer was very fascinated by the person Adolf Hitler. For this he had to answer a jury trial on Friday at the St. Pölten regional court.

He is said to have forwarded messages with National Socialist content via various messenger services – a violation of the Prohibition Act. Prosecutor Leopold Bien said when reading out the indictment: “It must have been a mixture of economic prospects and incitement in a certain milieu.” Nevertheless: The allegations are very serious. In addition to re-activity in the nationalist sense, he is said to have encouraged terrorist crimes. “He tried to convey a positive image of Hitler and the Nazi era to others,” continued the prosecutor.

Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” sent to the girlfriend

The first incidents are said to have occurred in 2017. At that time he is said to have sent a picture montage with Adolf Hitler to an acquaintance with words like “You are funny. I’ll gas you last! ” He is said to have sent Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” as an audio file to his partner and to have expressed the wish “Please have a look at this, if I am worth something to you”. The audio file is uncensored. It would be about the war – his partner would understand Hitler’s motives.

He also allowed his nationalistic sentiments to resonate in the area of ​​corona measures. He is said to have forwarded photographs of Hitler in propagandistic poses, as well as the words “It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear him (note: Adolf Hitler)”. The world would need a fantastic person like him again today. It is not enough to demonstrate. Anything other than gun violence is pointless. “With this he calls for violence and murder of leading civilians, of communities. This is terrorism, ”the prosecutor continued.

“It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear him.” Defendant in a message about Adolf Hitler

The accused initially pleaded “partially guilty”, but then as “guilty” at the request of the judge. “I wrote the nonsense. In fact, you fall into it, ”he tried to excuse his behavior. He was no longer in any of these groups. People who have a “blacker sense of humor” would move there.

“I was blinded,” he asserts. He would have wanted to hear her point of view from his partner; therefore he would have given her the audio file. He emphasized that he was not a neo-Nazi. He wouldn’t have hung flags at home. “You don’t have to be a Nazi for this,” said the public prosecutor, but a multiple offense as he would have set the breeding ground for others who then sometimes take action, even if you don’t take up arms yourself. Since the accused confessed and was otherwise innocent, the sentence of 15 months’ imprisonment, with a probationary period of three years, is relatively mild. He also has to pay a fine of 720 euros and bear the legal costs. Probation assistance is also ordered. He accepts the judgment, it is final. gw



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