Regional: in Chartres, François Bonneau comes first, the RN is dead last

In one week, he practically doubled his score at Chartres. François Bonneau, socialist candidate in the regional elections in Center-Val de Loire, gathered this Sunday, June 27, during the second round of the ballot, 41.72% of the votes, or 3,147 votes.

It is more than the simple addition of his score of the first round and that of his ally, the ecologist Charles Fournier. Between the two rounds, François Bonneau and the EELV list had reached a merger agreement.

This strategy allowed François Bonneau to win in Chartres without trembling. Its three competitors are largely behind.

Regional: in Chartres, François Bonneau (PS) is ahead of Nicolas Forisser (LR) in the first round

LR-UDI representative Nicolas Forissier comes in second with 25.83% of the votes, while Minister Marc Fesneau, LREM-MoDem candidate, collects 16.62% of the votes.

A much lower score than in 2015

Last, Aleksandar Nikolic, of the National Rally, convinced 15.83% of voters, a performance comparable to that of the first round (15.60%).

Departmental / 2nd round: all the final results in Eure-et-Loir and in the south-Yvelines, canton by canton

But this regional election remains, for the party of Marine Le Pen, a reason for great disappointment, since in December 2015, during the previous election, the FN candidate, Philippe Loiseau, had gathered in Chartres 21.2% of the votes.

The RN Chartrain score is much lower than in the rest of Eure-et-Loir, where it comes in second with a much higher percentage (26.67%).

All the results in your municipality

This second round was again marked by a very strong abstention, despite a slight decline. There were only 7,341 voters on June 20, a participation rate of 28.81%. This Sunday, June 27, they were 7,779 (30.52%). Across the department, participation was higher (32.37%).

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Remi Bonnet