The term "Chiappendino"Provokes a smile in him:" You can not confuse the institutional understanding of two people who work for the good of citizens: Chiara Appendino is Sergio Chiamparino They are different". In the future, perhaps, he could be there instead of the exponent Pd at the helm of the Piedmont and the agreement with the mayor of Turin could be better, despite someone insinuating a lack of harmony: "We can not consider the absence of today, due to commitments made for some time, to say that we do not get along: we we know and collaborate for years ". To speak is the candidate of the M5s to the presidency of Piedmont. Is called Giorgio Bertola, he is 48, he is a member of the Movement 5 Stars "always"And his name – long in the air – was made official today after the vote of the members of the platform Rousseau happened Thursday. Saturday afternoon, in a small Art Nouveau theater in Turin, the coronation arrived: Davide Casaleggio He goes on stage together with the notary Valerio Tacchini that, almost like in a television show, opens the envelope and reads the result: 1,540 preferences for the current regional councilor, almost all the voters, beat the other candidate, Luca Zacchero, former town councilor of Novara.

While on the stage Bertola (for the record: not a relative of the former city councilor of Turin Vittorio, first classmate and then critic of Appendino), applause and someone shouts: "President". "This is sadism pure ", he debuts before starting with thanks. It traces the evolution of the movement to which it has adhered since the beginning, with the meetups of the "Amici di Beppe Grillo" in 2008 and then the launch of the movement in the Theater Emerald of Milan on October 4, 2009. He was there when in 2010 the M5s managed to place two councilors in the Regional Council of the Roberto Cota. One of the two is Davide Bono, which leads the event on stage. With that result Bertola leaves commercial work and enters the staff of the elected. Four years later he is a candidate for counsel and is elected. In the regional assembly immediately begins as parent and focuses on some issues: the environment, the health of the Moncalieri area, from which he arrives, the fight against gambling addiction. He chairs the commission legality and, having entered the council bureau, he acquires the powers to guide lObservatory against usury. "In Piedmont in nine years the situation has not changed – he says during his speech, which starts from the old themes dear to the Movement -. We are the ones who are they cut the salary, they are the ones that recur against the cut of the annuities. With salary cuts we finance school buildings, they do the skyscraper", That is that of the Piedmont Region still incomplete. "Give us a chance: first the goal was to come in, now it is to win. The impregnation of the M5s is like a relay: we run together and we pass the baton with a single goal ".

From tomorrow for him the very hard campaign begins: on one side there could be center led by the outgoing president Chiamparino, on the other side a center given as a winner, in which the name of the leading candidate has not yet been decided: we are talking about the Forza Italia parliamentarian Alberto Cirio, but it could come forward too Guido Crosetto. But if a situation similar to that of the last general elections were to resurface, an alliance, perhaps with the Alloy? Bertola excludes a priori alliances and explains: "We run alone. Then we will eventually make evaluations on individual measures. In the region to be president, one more vote is enough and there is no need for trust ".


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