Regional – six educational regions in Lower Austria

In 2019, the conversion from the state school board to the head of education took place. This has not only brought about many changes within the administration, but also in the entire educational landscape.

As a result, education was regionalized to a much greater extent than was previously the case. In the six educational regions, six regional offices have been created as hubs for all education in the region.


The main tasks of the educational regions include bringing together and networking as well as integrating all stakeholders. The educational landscape is to be designed together with all those affected and those interested in education and managed together with the education directorate. This is a very important and central stage in the change process because it puts the focus on what we have in common and strengthens cooperation. For the citizen, the regionalization of education also means direct routes and unbureaucratic services for questions and problems. The educational regions and their teams therefore have key functions in the field of education.

The 6 educational regions in numbers, data and facts

Educational region 1 (Horn, Gmünd, Krems-Land, Krems-Stadt, Waidhofen / Thaya, Zwettl)
ladder: Alfred Grünstäudl
In this region there is

  • 121 elementary schools
  • 41 middle schools
  • 6 polytechnic schools
  • 10 ASO
  • 9 AHS
  • 16 BMHS

Educational region 2 (Gänserndorf, Hollabrunn, Korneuburg, Mistelbach)
Head: Brigitte Ribisch
In this region there is

  • 117 elementary schools
  • 47 middle schools
  • 9 polytechnic schools
  • 16 ASO
  • 10 AHS
  • 16 BMHS

Educational region 3 (Amstetten, Melk, Scheibbs, Waidhofen / Ybbs)
ladder: Josef Hörndler
In this region there is

  • 103 elementary schools
  • 51 middle schools
  • 7 polytechnic schools
  • 10 ASO
  • 6 AHS
  • 14 BMHS

Educational region 4 (Lilienfeld, St. Pölten-Land, St. Pölten-Stadt, Tulln)
ladder: Helmut Zehetmayer
In this region there is

  • 107 elementary schools
  • 45 middle schools
  • 5 polytechnic schools
  • 13 ASO
  • 11 AHS
  • 15 BMHS

Educational region 5 (Baden, Bruck / Leitha, Mödling)
ladder: Josef Fürst
In this region there is

  • 92 elementary schools
  • 33 middle schools
  • 6 polytechnic schools
  • 15 ASO
  • 14 AHS
  • 11 BMHS

Educational region 6 (Neunkirchen, Wiener Neustadt-Land, Wiener Neustadt-Stadt)
ladder: Heinz Kerschbaumer
In this region there is

  • 84 elementary schools
  • 36 middle schools
  • 2 PTS
  • 11 ASO
  • 8 AHS
  • 11 BMHS



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