Regional traders ask Dmitry Medvedev to intervene in the situation on the fuel market


Organizations that are members of the Russian Fuel Union (RTS, unites traders and owners of independent gas stations), appealed to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with an open letter published in the newspaper Vedomosti. In it, traders indicate an unprecedented increase in wholesale prices for gasoline and diesel fuel and ask in a “manual” mode to hang in the work of regulators and increase the volume of fuel supplies to the domestic market. “We ask you, dear Dmitry Anatolyevich, to instruct us to take measures to ensure fair pricing in the wholesale and retail markets of motor fuel that provides work to all entities in equal, competitive conditions,” the appeal says.
“Over the time since the election of the Russian president, the market for motor fuel is experiencing price shocks connected with the unprecedented growth in wholesale prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, the level of which is breaking historical records,” traders said. In comparison with the same period of last year, the growth of stock prices was 30.3% for AI-92, 27.8% for AI-95 and 37.4% for diesel. According to the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange, on May 11, the stock price indicators exceeded retail prices by 1.3 rubles. per liter for gasoline AI-92 and for 1.1 rubles. per liter of diesel fuel.
“We believe that in order to exclude further growth in retail prices, it is necessary to take measures to reduce wholesale prices through emergency intervention in the” manual “mode of all regulators, aimed at increasing the volume of fuel supplies to the domestic market, increasing the volume of fuel sold during exchange trades, for the supply of oil products abroad or for the establishment of export duties in this amount, the payment of which will lead to a decrease in export parity, “the statement said.
In the opinion of the authors of the appeal, only filling stations of oil companies can afford to work under current conditions, in which losses of retail sales are covered by profit from other activities, and independent gas stations suffer losses and are ruined. “Prolongation of the current situation will lead to the disappearance of independent networks (the share is about 60% of the total number of filling stations), therefore, to the elimination of competition in the retail market, social discontent, as it will leave about 1 million people without work, and, in general, to discrediting executive bodies of state power, “traders said.
Recall, in October, the RTS complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a sharp increase in wholesale prices for diesel fuel. In their opinion, large oil companies overstate prices in the wholesale sector and keep prices in their retail stable, which puts private gas stations on the brink of closure. Domestic diesel prices following the foreign trade conjuncture in the fall did not really react to the drop in export netback. But the regulators did not see any special problems.
For more information on how traders address Vladimir Putin, see “Kommersant” “Diesel fuel filtered into the Kremlin.”


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