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Regions and Youth, Culture Budget Priorities

Presented on 24 September by Françoise Nyssen, the budget for culture, set at 10 billion euros for 2019, was adopted on Thursday 1 November. The new Minister of Culture Franck Riester welcomed the credits "Comforted" when the opposition deplores the decline in funding for public broadcasting.

In times of tightening bolts, presenting a budget maintained compared to the previous year is already in itself good news. Françoise Nyssen did not fail to remind him by defending, Monday, September 24, the budget of the Ministry of Culture.

" In 2019, this ministry which is at the foundation of our Republic, its values, its ideal, will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Its means are not only sanctuarized, but slightly strengthened. At nearly 10 billion, the budget of Culture is not stable, but reaffirmed, in a context of reduction of public deficits »said the minister. His successor Franck Riester did not miss, too, to rejoice credits "comforted" when voting this budget on November 1.

A budget of tax cuts but also savings

Another good news, this time about the purchasing power of the French, and which the Minister of Culture had also welcomed: " for the first time in ten years the fee will not increase And will remain at 139 € in France and 89 € in Overseas France.

Fight against cultural exclusion

Françoise Nyssen had reaffirmed the priority of her action, the fight against cultural exclusion. This involves measures in favor of territorial equity and youth. A battery of measures is at work, whose loans have been increased: deconcentrated loans up 30 million, after 30 million already in 2018, an increase of 8% in two years; human resources preserved in the DRACs; a fund of 15 million for the heritage of small towns; continuation of the "Culture near you" plan; and working with libraries to extend their opening hours, which has already been partly successful, with an average of 7 hours more per week.

For young people, the school is at the heart of the priorities, with a budget of 116 million euros for choirs, which were the priority of the start of the 2018 school year, and also for 2019 to develop multidisciplinary workshops. The goal remains that 100% of school-age children benefit from cultural education activities in 2022.

The choir at school, for all

The Culture Pass aimed at offering each 18-year-old a € 500 budget for cultural activities (on a model that works in Italy) was Emmanuel Macron's campaign promise. Two years after the election of the president, he is still in the testing phase. In 2019, 34 million euros will be devoted to an experiment with 10 000 young people in 5 pilot departments. It will not be funded on a possible tax on GAFA, but for next year, on the credits of the department.

While assets (with 894 million euros) and cinema (679 million euros) have almost stable financing, the book (with 300 million euros, or – 0.5%), the press (281 million € 1.16 million) and public broadcasting (€ 3.86 billion, or -0.9%) see their loans decline.

The public audiovisual industry begins its moult

On the book, little has been decided apart from the confirmation of the budgeting of the resources of the National Book Center (CNL).

For the press, after the rescue of the distributor Presstalis in consultation with companies in the sector in 2018, and pending the reform of the Bichet law that regulates this distribution in 2019, Agence France-Presse receives the largest increase in staffing, with 2 million euros more than its budget (+ 1.5%). But aid to the press fell sharply, by 5 million euros (-4.2%) for the aid fund for the carrying of the press, in connection with the decline in volumes brought in recent years.

The reform of the public audiovisual sector in six key points

As for the public broadcaster, engaged in a major reform presented by the government in July, it enters the first year of the plan to save 190 million euros by 2022. Its budget will decline by 0.9% to 3.86 billion euros, an effort of – 36 million euros in 2019. This is just the beginning of a journey that should see the most severe cuts come to fruition in 2021, the year in which the budget effort should be most marked for public broadcasting.

Nathalie Lacube


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