Regios simulate infidelity to generate controversy on Facebook

Through a publication and a series of comments, a couple of individuals simulated a story of infidelity in order to generate controversy on social networks

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- Under the facade of a simple request In a Facebook group to edit a photo, a couple of users agreed to pretend they were uncovering a case of infidelity.

However, it was all a montage to generate controversy. It was not until the publication of one note from The Horizon and Info7, that the original authors of the post and the comment came out to clarify what happened.

To do this, César “N” shared a screenshot of a conversation with Fidel “N”, where they would presumably be creating this fictional plot.

Therefore, not only was the subject of the alleged infidelity a false story, but also, women appeared in both photographs. different judging by the words present in conversations leaked by the author of the original post.

what did it contain the publication original?

In the publication original, the user César ‘N’, asked for help so that some user of the group could help him to carry out a simple edition in a photograph. Which consisted of removing from the background a third party who slipped into the photo.

However, a user named Fidel ‘N’ commented on a series of messages suggesting that they were both dating the same woman, who would have the name “Anahí”, according to the narrative of the post.

It should be noted that the faces and full names of the users were covered to safeguard the anonymity of those involved.



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