Registration of new motorcycles in Colombia fell 65.2 per cent in may, but starts to recover

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During may of this year 17.874 new bikes were registered in Colombia, which represents a decline of 65.2 per cent compared to the same month in 2019, as indicated by the Colombian Association of Sustainable Mobility (Walking).

And while the drop is representative, if it is compared with the results of April, there begins to be a significant recovery, as in the fourth month of this year sold just 205 motorcycles, which at the time gave to have a decrease of 99.6 % in comparison with April of 2019.

According to the report published by the membership, the detail of the brands realize that Yamaha led may 4.396 units delivered (gave him to fall by 54.8 %); followed by Bajaj with 4.384 and Honda with 2.550 (the two fell 63,1 % and 70,8 % compared to the same month last year).

In line with the returns of the industry, these manufacturers contributed to weakening the volume year-on-year deliveries in -54 %, -63 % and -70,8 %, respectively.

In the first five months of the year, according to Walk, the negative variation was of 32,9 %, then you pass 247.836 in 2019 to 166.362 to may 2020.

In the nine months through may, the ranking is headed by Bajaj with 38.754 motorcycles sold (-30 %), followed by Yamaha with 32.383 (-28,6 %) and Honda with 26.607 (-37,3 %).


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