Regular voters mean less and less. Rebels and fanatics can laugh all the way to Washington.

GEORGIA (Aftenposten): If Marjorie Taylor Greene is to be rejected, it must happen now. This autumn’s midterm elections will only be a formality for hundreds of members of Congress.

22. May 2022 19:34

Last updated yesterday 09:15

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She wears dark sunglasses and walks purposefully past the crowd with quick steps.

But it does not help. Superstars are not allowed to go in peace.

– Marjorie! Look here! Marjorie! Marjorie! We love you! it is shouted from the other side of the barricades.

She stops and waves and smiles. Some get an autograph, others a quick handshake. The luckiest manage to secure a selfie with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In two years, the former crossfit coach has gone from being an unknown activist and conspiracy theorist to becoming one of the Republicans’ most profiled and controversial politicians.

Many, including people in her own party, dream of stopping Greene.

There is little indication that they will make it. The usual competition between the parties has disappeared from large parts of the United States. This means that more extreme candidates have the opportunity to secure a place in Congress than before.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is probably here to stay. And this fall’s midterm elections could give Washington DC even more rebels.

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