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Sunday 19 April 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

A case of controversy raised by the artist Khaled El Nabawy with the statement he issued through his accounts on social networking sites, and he said that he is considering retiring from art because of the publicity of the series “When We were Young”, and in this report we show you the full story of the Prophet’s crisis:

Subtract Serial Posters:

The company produced the posters for the series “When We were Young”, which was released by the artist Reham Hajjaj, and the artist Mahmoud Hamida and Khaled Al-Nabawi came in the back, then Promo launched the series that shows that the artist Reham Hajjaj is the first heroine of the series and the story takes place around it.

The Prophet’s statement:

Khaled al-Nabawi wrote in a statement posted on Facebook, to put an end to the attack on him for accepting to appear in this way on the series poster despite the difference in history and stardom that is in his favor.

The Prophet said in his statement: “I have not become accustomed to talking about a matter concerning the scenes of my profession during implementation in order to work primarily, and because I know that people are busy with what is most important, I apologize this time and it will be the last because I owe it to the public and my family, and to this great profession, and because I am subjected to a deliberate campaign of distortion. There is no basis for what you claim in every letter on social media and through some technical magazines and some websites that publish news about me, and these news are all completely naked from the truth. “

He continued: “I made it clear that I did not and do not agree with the advertising methods that are in the streets or on social media and any means of reading, audio or written advertising. It will be corrected immediately, and unfortunately it has not happened yet. “

And the Prophet continued: “And I talked a lot with Mr. Captain of the Actors about my great harm to the distortion that is published, and that I do not agree to any propaganda published permanently, and that my contract does not stipulate that, but on the contrary, my contract contains full respect for those who are greater than me art and We are not respectful of my art and my name, as well as the principles and customs that do not agree with that either. “

Life Channel Statement

After the statement issued by Al-Nabawi, the Al-Hayat channel statement that will show the series was issued, and Hazem Shafiq, the head of the channel, said: “We are proud of the presence of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi on the screen of life this Ramadan, and we would like to make it clear that all the propaganda material that we broadcast, publish or appear in the streets And for all series are received from production companies certified by them for use, and we do not specify the size or location of the photos, this is their business in their contracts with the stars. “

Shafiq continued: “As for the series, when we were young, the approved materials were received from Art Makers, which is headed by producer Ahmed Abdel-Ati, to deny the statement of life what the Prophet said on the lips of the series’s producer, Ahmed Abdel-Ati.

A statement by Ahmed Abdel-Aty

The official account of the “art makers” company on Facebook published a statement of the producer Ahmed Abdel Ati, the producer of the series “When We were Young” in response to the statement of the Prophet.

The statement said: “The artist Khaled Al Nabawi signed a contract with the art makers company on the series (When We Was Young) on ​​28/2/2020 and this contract was the last contract in the series that is being prepared since early 2019, and he knows exactly that the project is the Reham project Pilgrims. “

The statement added: “Accordingly, he received the highest wage in Ramadan, and that the art makers have fulfilled all of their material contracts with the great star Khaled Al-Nabawy, which was agreed upon. The big star received 75% of his dues, and Mr. Al-Naqib was notified of this.”

And the statement continued: “And due to the respect of art makers for its contracts, the company is committed to all the terms of the contract with the great artist Khaled Al Nabawi and the series sequence will reflect the great artistic value of the great star Mahmoud Hamida and the great star Khaled Al Nabawi, and the company will always respect all its contracts with all artists and you have all appreciation and respect. “.

Nisreen Amin

Nisreen Amin (one of the heroines of the work) commented, through a post on Instagram, in which she revealed that all the heroes, when they agreed to work, were aware that it was the series Reham Hajjaj.

In her comment, Nisreen Amin added that Reham Hajjaj had agreed, from the first day, to start work on the series, that the names of Mahmoud Hamida and Khalid Al Nabawi be accepted on the sequence.


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