Rehearsal for the Marriage of the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court – Jokowi’s Sister Held H-1

Solo, CNN Indonesia

Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) Anwar Usman will marry the younger brother of Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), Idayati, in Solo, Central Java, on 26 May.

All preparations will continue to be made, even a dress rehearsal will be held before the wedding date, aka on D-1.

The head of the Banjarsari District Religious Affairs Office (KUA), Arbain Basyar, said that if those who got married came from families of community leaders, generally there was a rehearsal the day before. This is done to ensure that there are no obstacles during the marriage contract.

“On D-1, there was a rehearsal for the wedding ceremony,” said Arbain who will also be the head of the wedding when confirmed, Monday (23/5).

In addition, he also explained that according to the Javanese tradition, which is the tribe from which Idayati came from, Anwar had to follow the procession bump. The activity was originally scheduled for last weekend, but was postponed to Wednesday (25/5).

“Actually, we scheduled Jonggolan for Saturday (21/5) yesterday,” said Arbain.

“We canceled it because Mr. Anwar had other activities. We postponed it to Wednesday (25/5),” he added.

For your information, bump is an activity in a long series of Javanese weddings. Usually, Jonggolan is held when the bride’s family holds an event midodareni.

Jonggolan comes from Java, representative, which means to show oneself. Moment bumpthe prospective groom must show himself in front of the prospective bride’s family.

The goal is to ensure the condition of the prospective groom is in good health before the consent process. Besides that, bump serves to show the sincerity of the prospective groom’s intentions.

Generally, according to local custom, the KUA is also present when the jonggolan is held. The KUA officer will re-examine all documents that are a requirement for marriage administration.

Previously, Anwar Usman’s marriage to Idayati had been registered with the Banjarsari Religious Affairs Office (KUA). Registration was carried out by representatives of President Jokowi’s family, last Monday 9 May.

Arba’in said his office had received all the documents required for marriage between the widower and the widow.

“Thank God the file is complete,” he said.


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