reindeer. The Trug’Planet platform connects businesses and local associations

Trug’Planet is an innovative concept designed by Valerie Cottereaudirector of the virtual and augmented reality company Artifact, based in Betton. Opened virtually in October 2021, the platform offers employees of member companies a collection of paid vacation time, with a view to supporting local environmental projects. The editorial staff questioned Valerie Cottereau et Clothilde Marchegayin charge of Trug’Planet, in order to know the ins and outs of this concept which is as innovative as it is committed.

Trug’Planet emerged in the heart of Brittany in 2018 in the spirit of Valerie Cottereaufounder ofArtifact, a small medium-sized enterprise (SME) created in 1998 and a pioneer in augmented reality and virtual reality. An innovative region, open and active at the associative level, our region proves to be the ideal place for experimenting with a project that is as original as it is committed. A platform for collecting and pooling time, Trug’Planet facilitates contact between companies, their employees and local associations committed to the Breton environment.

Valérie Cottereau, director of Artefacto, and Clothilde Marchegay, in charge of Trug’Planet

Driven by Artefacto and supported by the Brittany region, the Trug’Planet platform was born from the observation of Valerie Cottereau a change in employee behavior internally. The essence of the concept is to meet their need for disconnection, their desire to act for the planet and their desire to discover the associative world.

Trug’Planet, acting through collective strength

On one side are the companies. They cannot commit for lack of cash, do not know how to act or where to start. The employees, for their part, it is for lack of time, the pace of full-time work drastically hampering initiatives. On the other, the associations which continually need manpower and financial aid. ” Valérie has also noticed a desire on the part of SME managers to act on the territory and have an impact on society. », declares Clothilde Marchegay who joined the project when it was in its infancy, as part of an end-of-study internship in 2020. “ My thesis questioned the perception of the French with regard to CSR actions [Responsabilité sociétale/sociale des entreprises, ndlr.] carried out by multinationals in France or abroad. With equal relevance, are we more sensitive if an action is carried out close to home or on the other side of the world? “, she explains. ” The result revealed that the French liked to see the result of their actions. »

trug planet rennes

The platform tends to respond to this equation by creating a mutual paid leave, a collection of intra-company time between employees so that employees can act at the local level. ” The idea was to create a fairly simple tool to put a first foot in the machine and close the entrepreneurial system, in particular that of the SMEs from which Artefacto originated, because we know that the means are lacking, both human and financial. “, continues Valerie Cottereau. Trug’Planet, from “trugarez” which means “thank you” in Breton, offers companies and their staff a system for voluntary abandonment of paid leave (CP), the donation being prohibited except in exceptional circumstances. Each employee can thus give up one or more days of leave in order to participate in a voluntary mission with a regional association recognized as being of general interest and a member of Trug’Planet. « The goal is to be able to intervene, learn close to home and raise awareness among the general public who do not necessarily have the time to act even if there is a will. », complete Clothilde Marchegay.

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The abandonment of days is regulated and limited for the moral and physical well-being of the employee, but for missions of several days, the employee can collect days from his colleagues. She adds: “ The very essence of Trug’ is that it is a collective mission in which one person carries the mission and is supported by the entire team internally. Several employees of the same company can also share this moment collectively.

trug planet rennes
Mission Pakadur, of Artefacto, Rennes, March 2022 © Trug’Planet

Trug’Planet allows companies to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development and is thus part of the CSR approach. This designates the consideration by companies, on a voluntary and sometimes legal basis, of environmental, social, economic and ethical issues in their activities. Added value for companies seeking to have a positive impact on society. ” At the CSR level, Trug’ is situated in the environment with actions, governance, because it is the employee who chooses his mission and decides where to act, and well-being at work because the platform encompasses disconnection, the response to values and the search for meaning “, precise Clothilde Marchegay. Starting with a commitment to the environment was indeed obvious during the design. “ We all come from the environment, from this ecosystem. »

To join, nothing could be simpler. Companies register on the platform by indicating their Siret number, a professional email, a password and practical information (addresses, number, etc.). Once registered, the name of the company appears on the platform and the employer can set up his account. ” The most important thing is to fill in the information of the legal representative continues Clothilde. It is then asked to import an Excel document in which appears the surname, first name and email address of the motivated employees or the entire salary team, the aim being that everyone participates. Once the configuration is complete, employees receive identifiers that allow access to their account. On his space, the employee can then choose a mission, take leave, or collect time if the mission lasts several days, and leaves to physically help an association. ” They cannot participate in missions or support associations if the company is not registered and has not imported the document. »

In March 2022, three Artefacto employees participated in the first mission, within theassociation Pakadur. And in June, employees of two very small companies (TPE) embarked on a maritime heritage boat for two days with the association RIEM (Networks of initiatives of eco-explorers at sea), in the Gulf of Morbihan.

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« The innovation of Trug’Planet is that for each mission supported, the company donates financial aid to the recognized association of general interest. Thanks to the principle of tax exemption, this cost comes to them at 0 €. The boss thus pays back in the form of a kitty the value of the employer’s contributions that he would have paid for the CPs. ” As the tax exemption concerns 60% of the donations that are made, it is considered that what the entrepreneur would have paid anyway, he must pay them in one form or another. », enriches Valerie Cottereau. The amount varies according to salary. To give an idea, based on the average Breton salary, three employees who leave for two days on a mission corresponds to approximately 400 € donated.

To put it simply, thanks to Trug’Planet, the association receives volunteers and has financial support. ” The supervision of volunteers is very expensive and the associations do not necessarily have the means. We also wanted to support them in this regard. »

« The goal is for there to be a minimum of 400 committed days per month », Clothilde Marchegay.

Trug’Planet aims to be a platform accessible to all, associations and companies, regardless of size. For this, the platform also offers pots. In this case, the employee transfers his paid leave to the pot rather than using it for a mission. ” The benefit for the employee is that there is no loss of purchasing power. As he remains working, the money does not come out of his account. A bit like the day of solidarity on the day of Pentecost. For example, the association Living Brittany opened the first kitty in December 2021 for equipment with the aim of carrying out maintenance sites in the nature reserves of Finistère. €430 was raised.

Currently, eight companies are registered on the platform (Artefacto, Etic’k Paie, CKRE Group, La Feuille d’Érable, MV Group, PLF Unite, Provectio and Trug’Planet) and several associations are already members for missions throughout Brittany : LPO Bretagne, Bretagne Vivante, VirArmor Nature, Pakadur, Benenova Rennes, Trik’ailes, ACMOM (association for the conservation of marine mammals and birds in Brittany).

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Thumbs up or crush?

With a view to addressing all sizes of business, three membership offers have been devised. ” We are working on a solution for auto-entrepreneurs, because they do not have holidays, but the platform is open to all, as soon as the TPE has an employee. »

For companies with very small staff, the platform offers the “boost” offer. The latter freezes the missions and gives access only to the jackpots, which remains at zero cost for the company. “Companies do not necessarily have the dedicated human resources to work on these subjects, as in SMEs, medium-sized companies (ETI) or very small companies (TPE) while they represent a substantial economic fabric in France. »

The “coup de main” offer is aimed particularly at SMEs and gives access to pots and missions, while “coup de coeur” is aimed at those who have a CSR budget and who want to invest more, support actions carried out by employees. The offer gives access to missions and jackpots, plus a systematic top-up. ” By mission and sustained kitty, the company systematically adds 10/20/30…% to the kitty “, she explains. ” There are no remainders at charge 0, but 10/20/30/40, etc. % according to the percentage donated. That being said, each company is of course free to choose the offer of their choice.

The experimentation phase being over, the offers are destined to evolve. Soon, the “boost” offer could give access to the contribution if the company cannot attend the missions, but still wants to support the pots. Similarly, once the company’s CSR budget has been reached, the latter will go from “helping hand” to “helping hand” automatically.

trug planet rennes
Mission with the association RIEM Networks of initiatives of eco-explorers at sea, in the Gulf of Morbihan, June 2022 © Trug’Planet.

In the long term, the team plans to set up a community of tricksters. Volunteers will thus be able to interact with each other in the event that a mission takes place over several days in a city different from theirs, to find accommodation on site, for example.

In a few months, Trug’Planet will separate from Artefacto in order to become a legally independent structure and will begin its canvassing phase for regional deployment, then nationally at the end of the year. As the pooling of time does not exist elsewhere, the team wants to benefit all recognized associations of general interest. To do this, Trug’Planet will no longer confine itself to environmental associations and open up to social ones. ” The decision is very recent, but the ecological transition also involves the social transition “, she concludes.

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