Reinhold: “Spartak” will not soon depart from the consequences of Fedun’s actions

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Former player "Spartacus" Valery Reinhold after a home defeat in the match of the 13th round of the Russian Premier League with the “Ural” (1: 2) criticized the activities of the owner of “Spartak” Leonid Fedun recently.

“Spartak” for the first time in history lost 4 home games in a row, but it doesn’t matter now. The game of the team as a whole is a complete mess. I looked with horror and smiled ironically from time to time, because there was a feeling that “Spartak” just lured the coast. And only one person is to blame for all this – Leonid Fedun. It was he who created such a nervous situation in the team, he brought this to the shame that we are seeing. We will not soon move away from the consequences of Fedun’s actions. This is just the beginning.

What, did the team really forget how to play football? Of course not! But what is happening today is simply incomprehensible, it cannot be described in any way and it is difficult to comment. “Spartak” is not clear where, and this is not a sensation, because all those who love this club see that the team is collapsing, and you need to figure out whether it is planned at all or not.

Fedun should answer these questions, I would like to listen to him, as he will explain his decisions and the final consequences. If you are shooting a coach, you should already have a specialist ready to replace him. As a result, Riancho works, and who it is is not entirely clear, although I don’t want to criticize him. But this is a mess! It is not clear what Fedun does with the team. Who gave him the right to mock "Spartak"? "- Rusfootball quoted Reingold.

For the red and white, this home defeat was already the fourth in a row in the framework of the Russian Championship. Earlier, the Moscow team lost to Tula Arsenal (2: 3), Rostov (0: 1) and Akhmat (1: 2). At the moment, Spartak is in 6th place in the Premier League standings. The club has 19 points.

In the next round, red and white away from the game will play with "Ufa". The meeting will be held in Ufa at the stadium "Oilman" on November 11 and will begin at 14:00 Moscow time.

Recall, the Italian specialist Massimo Carrera was dismissed from the post of head coach of “Spartacus” after the previous home defeat of the team in the RPL.

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