Relational Quality at Work has been a show in Lyon, with Préventica

The Preventica fair was held in Lyon. It enabled many visitors to learn about measures promoting health, safety and various aspects of working conditions.

An extraordinary living room

Imagine nearly 400 exhibitors over 12,000 m2 offering their solutions. Innovation is in all the aisles. Let’s take a look at hygiene, safety and cleanliness. Let’s move on to the equipment for securing construction sites and production sites. Have you seen the personal protective equipment (PPE), robotics and exoskeletons stands? Review the layout of office spaces, acoustics, air purification, ergonomic equipment and furniture, digitization of risk monitoring, teaching practices, first aid, the practice of sports in the workplace, place games. Of course, the QVT has made its place with the areas of relaxation and relaxation, etc….

And, in the heart of this mountain of services and objects, you have perhaps gone to box E21 on 4 m2? So you have met the Professional Mediators. They spoke to you about managerial innovation, relational quality, contributory management, the agreement paradigm …

The place of Relational Quality in business

A historic partnership with Preventica which has been maintained, maintained during the period of prevention of events, fairs and exhibitions. An essential place in the QRT – the relational quality at work – and decisive in its success.

  • What is the most ergonomic chair worth if the comfortably seated person can no longer support his colleague or feels misunderstood by his management?
  • What are the most efficient PPE worth if they are not worn, since nobody is wearing them, not even the chef?
  • What are the value of relaxation areas, perfect acoustics, “smart door handles that self-clean after use”, for people who are not prepared for the changes to come that will have repercussions on their functions, their schedules, their journeys, their remunerations, with the torments that we imagine on their days and nights….

QRT devices can become an extraordinary garden if they sit on the fertile and healthy ground of quality relationships between the people for whom they are intended.

Proof by example

Professional Mediation is thus the starting point of the QRT, where we have everything to gain!
During the last week, the lucky ones were able to follow the interview with Christine Chavenon, Wellness Manager at work in the Puy de Dôme department. She is convinced of the importance of Relational Quality at Work in her policy and in her role as Preventor. You can find it here too.