Relationship marketing plan for La Bodega Supermarkets

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Qualification : Relationship marketing plan for La Bodega Supermarkets
Author : Rivers Ponce, Marco Antonio
Alvarado Ulloa, Erik Xavier
Vintimilla Abad, Patricia Eugenia
Publication date : 2016
Editorial : University of Azuay Marketing Engineer
Description : In recent years the city of Azogues has grown in terms of opening Family Supermarkets, so competition has been increasing day by day. The objective of this research is to carry out a “Loyalty Plan for La Bodega Supermarkets.”, Carrying out a market study based on qualitative and quantitative research, for which in-depth and expert interviews were conducted. Once the characteristics of tastes, preferences, reasons for the purchase decision, etc. have been determined. The elements of loyalty were determined with their certain programs to be implemented and finally, a direct loyalty plan, based on Discount Coupons, was highlighted.
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