Relatives of a woman from Ecatepec decide to donate their organs and give life to 50 people

The relatives of a 39-year-old woman, originally from Ecatepec, who suffered brain death secondary to a cerebral vascular event, donated her organs and tissues to give 50 people who were waiting to receive a transplant a second chance at life.

The multi-organ donation was made at the General Hospital of Zone No. 68 in Tulpetlac, of the IMSS in the Eastern State of Mexico, where the doctors recovered the corneas, two kidneys, skin and musculoskeletal tissue.

Alberto Ochoa Navarrete, Organ and Tissue Donation Hospital Coordinator of the General Hospital of the Zone, reported that the procurement was carried out by specialist doctors in a surgical procedure that lasted more than eight hours.

The kidneys and corneas were sent to the General Hospital of the National Medical Center “La Raza”, while the skin and musculoskeletal tissue will be processed in the Edomex Tissue Bank.

The doctor pointed out the need to promote the culture of organ donation and called on the population to join this noble cause.

“Organ donation allows giving a new opportunity to live for the patient and his family,” he said.

He also highlighted that in this important donation, as in all of them, the necessary PCR tests were carried out to comply with biosafety protocols and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in recipients and health personnel.

If you are interested in being a voluntary organ and tissue donor, you can consult the website of the National Transplant Center or enter / donation-organs, where you can accredit yourself as a donor.

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