Relaxed atmosphere: let the hairdresser check the blood pressure more often

Relaxed atmosphere: let the hairdresser check the blood pressure more often

Improve blood pressure control: Have the hairdresser measure blood pressure
High blood pressure is sometimes referred to as a “silent killer” because it is often not noticeable by symptoms and is often discovered only when it has already caused organ damage. As a result, healthcare professionals are advised to regularly monitor blood pressure. Unfortunately, not too many people stick to this advice. As a study from the US now shows, visiting the hairdresser could be a good opportunity for blood pressure control.

Many do not know about their high blood pressure
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) almost every third adult in Germany suffers from hypertension. Lots do not know about their hypertension for a long time , This can have dangerous consequences, because untreated high blood pressure increases the risk, inter alia, for heart attack, stroke, heart failure , Diseases of the coronary arteries, kidney failure and even dementia. So it’s clear that hypertension is better diagnose and treat early should. Health experts therefore recommend regular blood pressure measurements. By no means all citizens follow this advice. The blood pressure control could be improved, even if it takes place at the hairdresser. This shows a new study from the US.
Doctors advise again and again to measure the blood pressure regularly. However, many people do this far too seldom. As a study from the US now shows, the visit to the hairdresser could be a good opportunity for blood pressure control. (Image: think4photop /
Particularly vulnerable risk group
According to the Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. DHL®, the success of a US study should be reason to think about similar models in Germany.
Like the high pressure league in one Message writes is high blood pressure in the US in any population group as widespread as in black men.
However, most people do not know about their risk, as they rarely go to the doctor and high blood pressure usually causes no discomfort.

A visit to a barbershop (hairdressing salon), however, is part of the lifestyle. He is an opportunity to meet friends and talk about God and the world.
Hairdressers talking to their customers about the problem of hypertension
The study from California now shows that the social gathering point Barbershop can be used to improve blood pressure control in this high-risk group.
“The hairdressers were encouraged to talk to the men about the problem of high blood pressure and to invite them to a meeting with the pharmacist,” explains Professor. med. Bernhard Krämer, Director of the V. Medical Clinic at the University Medical Center Mannheim and Chairman of the German Hypertension League.
“The pharmacist went to the barbershop once a month to measure the blood pressure and distribute medication to customers. The permission for this had been received by the pharmacist from the family doctors, who had concluded a contract with the pharmacist for this purpose. ”
The involvement of hairdressers seems a bit more obvious when you know that barbers have been involved in health care since the Middle Ages and bloodletting and tooth extractions.
Cut hair, blow dry, measure blood pressure
How successful this strategy can be, the results show, the Ronald G. Victor from the Smidt Heart Institute in Los Angeles and other employees now in the magazine ” New England Journal of Medicine “Have published.
The scientists had contacted 319 African American men at 52 hairdressing salons, with an initial upper systolic blood pressure averaging 152.8 mmHg and therefore at high risk of heart attack and stroke.
Six months later, blood pressure had dropped to an average of 128 mmHg.
“Nearly 90 percent of men had systolic blood pressure below 140 mmHg, which is now considered normal because it poses a long term risk of Heart attack or stroke with high-pressure patients, “says Professor Krämer.
In a second group, the hairdressers had only informed their customers about the risks and warned them urgently to have their high blood pressure treated by the family doctor. Also in this group, the blood pressure was lowered after six months, but not so strong.
The average value was 145.4 mmHg after six months. Only one-third had reached a normal value of less than 140 mmHg.
Low threshold access to blood pressure control
For Professor Hoyer, director of the Department of Nephrology at Marburg University Hospital, the study shows that it is important to address those affected in their usual environment and to allow low-threshold access to blood pressure control.
“Through the conversation with the hairdresser, high blood pressure becomes a topic in everyday life and the care provided by the pharmacist has certainly promoted the willingness to regularly control the blood pressure and take the medication, although you feel actually healthy,” says the expert.
Similar models can imagine the German high pressure league for Germany. “Here, too, there are those affected who know nothing about their hypertension and rarely go to the family doctor,” says Professor Hoyer.
“More often, however, many come by a pharmacy or are with the company physician,” says the expert.
“These contacts should be used for increased education about the dangers of undetected high blood pressure and its possible treatment by a physician.”
Unlike in the US, pharmacists in Germany are allowed to measure their blood pressure, but they can not spend any blood pressure medication on their own but could refer the patient to their family doctor. (Ad)

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