Relief package: praise for the government and criticism of Vienna

Hannes Taborsky (ÖAAB-Vienna): “The federal government under Karl Nehammer shows that you can really rely on them!”

Vienna (OTS) Vienna’s ÖAAB gave unreserved praise for the federal government’s relief package presented today under Chancellor Karl Nehammer. “With more than 28 billion euros, people in Austria will be given a helping hand by 2026 to be able to survive the massive wave of price increases for energy, fuel and food and to cushion the exploding inflation rates socially,” explains the Viennese ÖAAB Managing Director Hannes Taborsky . In addition to the abolition of the secret tax, the cold progression, the social benefits for socially weaker groups are being adjusted to the high inflation rates and the amount is currently also being valorized.

The federal government is showing that you can really rely on them. Socially disadvantaged people and small and medium-sized businesses will be relieved in this way, and companies will also be able to benefit from the bundled total package by reducing non-wage labor costs. “This will fight inflation. And in complete contrast to the Vienna city government. Here, the Mayor of Vienna, like the Sheriff of Nottingham, still shamelessly pulls the money out of the Viennese’ pockets through the Valorisation Act for all fees and charges of the city – most recently it was around 50 million euros. In Vienna, only the lowest earners and recipients of social benefits are supported,” Hannes Taborsky sharply criticized the red-pink city hall coalition.

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