Relive in pictures the 8th Foulées roses de Chartres which raised €19,297 for the fight against cancer

In the streets of Chartres, this Saturday, the sky was gray, but the ground was pink. In an incredible show of solidarity, nearly 3,000 people put on their sneakers to take part in the 8th edition of the Foulées roses.

Hundreds of small groups of men, women and children formed and played the game for the good cause.

“This is our second participation, we know that the race is organized to collect donations to fight against cancer. It’s nice to see thousands of people gathered for this great action.

Brian and his family (participants in the Pink Strides)

At the end of the afternoon, before starting this 5 km race, organized by The Republican Echo in partnership with the ASPTT Chartres and Peps 28 (prevention education for health), the participants met at place des Épars to take part in a collective warm-up given by the sports coaches of the Blue Orange.

€19,297 for the fight against cancer

“A convivial and extraordinary moment which demonstrates that the event is one of the most important in our city”, underlines José Rolo, deputy mayor of Chartres in charge of sport, associative life and youth.

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Les Foulées roses enabled Sébastien Besse, departmental editorial director of the Center France Group and editor-in-chief of The Republican Echoto hand over a check for €19,297, in the name of newspaper, to the PEPS 28 association “so that the fight against cancer continues”.

A check for €19,297 was presented by Sébastien Besse (to the right)departmental editorial director of the Center France Group and editor-in-chief of The Republican Echoto Stéphane Lantz, president of Peps 28 (Health education prevention), in favor of the fight against cancer.
The money was raised thanks to registrations for the Foulées roses. Of the €10 requested, €7 was donated to the association. Stéphane Lantz, president of PEPS 28, concludes: “Thank you all and above all, thank you for the patients, it’s wonderful. »

At 7 p.m., guided by song Seven Nation Army, which motivates the troops, the pink wave is placed on the starting line, boulevard Maurice-Viollette. At the end of the count, the participants set off, running or walking, in front of hundreds of spectators “with a thought to all those who fight against the disease”.