RELIVE – OM-PSG: despite two goals refused and a red card, Marseille and Paris leave back to back in this “Classic”

FOOTBALL – No winner between Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain. In a Velodrome which hosted its first “Classic” since the return of the public to the stadiums, the capital club, reduced to ten in the second half, failed to worry about solid Marseillais.

“The mountain gave birth to a mouse”, reacted the former Marseille coach Raymond Goethals in 1998, after a 0-0 between OM and PSG. 23 years later, the formula still seems valid. In a boiling Velodrome, Marseillais and Parisians did not find the fault this Sunday, and parted back to back, with a goalless score (0-0).

The nets, however, trembled in the first period. Twice. From the quarter of an hour of play, the Marseille defender Luan Peres believes to give, despite himself, the advantage to Paris by tackling the ball in his own goals. But the video assistance intervenes, and signals an offside of Neymar at the start of the action. The goal is canceled.

Numerical superiority not materialized

Seven minutes later, it was OM’s turn to take the lead for a few seconds. Thrown in depth by Kamara, Lirola crosses towards Milik who adjusts Keylor Navas and capsizes the Vélodrome with happiness, sold out. But the referee of the match, Benoît Bastien, cooled the stadium: Lirola was in an offside position. Paris can breathe.

Dominator in the possession without creating great opportunities, the PSG masters. Until the 57th minute. Marseille striker Cengiz Ünder, launched towards the Parisian goal, collapses after contact with Achraf Hakimi. Using the VAR, again, the referee expels the Parisian side. But OM will never take advantage of their numerical superiority, nor of the rare balls touched by Leo Messi and Neymar, little in sight. With this point of draw, Paris keeps seven lengths ahead of RC Lens at the top of the championship. The Marseille club, for its part, fell from the podium.

Relive the 101st “Classic” between OM and PSG:

Olympic Marseille


0 – 0


Velodrome stadium

Paris Saint Germain


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This draw is rather the business of PSG, which remains largely leader of the championship, with seven lengths ahead of its runner-up, RC Lens.

For its part, OM fell from the podium. The Marseillais are now fourth, one point behind third place, which they will have the opportunity to find in the event of a victory against Nice on Wednesday, in a late match.


It’s over at the Vélodrome! Goals refused, intensity, a red card, but no winner. OM and PSG leave back to back, 0-0.


The corner gives nothing. PSG can breathe.


Corner for OM, perhaps the last. The Velodrome is pushing.


In a good position, Pape Gueye sees his shot slip away from the goal of the Parisian goalkeeper.


Guendouzi’s strike is captured by Keylor Navas.


Will the 101st “Classic” have a winner? The referee allows four minutes of additional time.


???? Yellow card for Marquinhos for protest.


Payet’s free kick ends its course in the Parisian wall.


???? The referee whistles a fault from Danilo on Payet, near the surface. The Parisian community receives a yellow card. Good free kick to come for the Marseille club …


Launched by Messi, Mbappé spins towards Paul Lopez’s goal but is tackled in extremis by Saliba. What a saving comeback for OM!


???? Wijnaldum replaces Neymar, little in sight in this “Classic”.


Guendouzi looks for Gerson in the area … It’s too long.


PSG’s turn to monopolize the ball, without being able to approach Pau Lopez’s cages.


Neymar’s strike! It is countered by the Marseille defense.


???? Another double change for Marseille. Milik and Ünder are replaced by Dieng and Gerson.


What a failure from De La Fuente! The Marseillais was alone at the far post to regain the center of Lirola, but completely misses his recovery.


The recovery of Cengiz Ünder in the box! It’s deviated, corner for OM.


Messi tries to find the loophole in the Marseille defense, but is picked up by … a supporter, entered the lawn. Stadium security is involved.


???? Double change for Jorge Sampaoli. Konrad De La Fuente and Pape Gueye replace Valentin Rongier and Boubacar Kamara.


Kylian Mbappé’s response! The Parisian striker combines with Nuno Mendes, but the Marseille defense removes the danger.


Rongier’s head! The former Nantes player is very close to opening the scoring, but his head brushes Navas’ cage.


In numerical superiority, OM monopolizes the ball.


???? Neymar remains on the ground after contact with Valentin Rongier. The Marseille midfielder already has a yellow card …


???? Mauricio Pochettino reorganizes his team. Angel Di Maria is replaced by Thilo Kehrer.


Dimitri Payet takes care of the free kick … Above!


???? Red card for Paris Saint-Germain! Benoît Bastien reconsiders his decision and expels Hakimi. PSG will finish at 10!


Cengiz Ünder rushes to goal and collapses in contact with Hakimi on the edge of the box. The referee whistles in favor of PSG, to the dismay of the Vélodrome. Checking the VAR …


Valentin Rongier defends Nuno Mendes and offers PSG the first corner of the second period. Once again, projectiles are launched from the stands.


Dimitri Payet collapses in the penalty area … The referee does not blow his whistle. In slow motion, Benoît Bastien seems to have made the right decision.


Neymar launches Mbappé … signaled in an offside position. The most frequent action of the evening so far.


⏰ Here we go again! Milik kicks off for the last 45 minutes.


The players return to the lawn of the Velodrome. The Marseillais under the encouragement, the Parisians under the whistles. The second period will begin.


???? The public at the Vélodrome has been there since the start of this “Classic”.


???? PSG controlled the ball in the first period, with 55% possession. All the opportunities of the Parisians were rejected by Pau Lopez, while the Marseillais can worry the club of the capital in rapid attack.


⏰ Benoît Bastien sends the 22 actors back to the locker room. Intensity, opportunities, a great night atmosphere, but no goals for the moment at the Vélodrome. Two were refused for offside, one on each side.


???? Injured, Marco Verratti gives way to Idrissa Gueye.


???? Marco Verratti is being treated on the edge of the lawn. An ice pack is placed on him. PSG is at 10.


OM ignites this end of half time! Valentin Rongier then Cengiz Ünder try their luck … without success.


⌚ Four minutes of added time in this first period.


Messi’s strike! The Parisian number 30 combines with Mbappé and rolls from the left … it goes next to the skylight.


Cengiz Ünder misses his face-to-face with Navas! Thrown in depth, the Turk does not frame his shot. He was ultimately in an offside position.


The beautiful intervention of Caleta-Car! The Croatian defender prevents Kylian Mbappé from taking over Marco Verratti’s cross.


???? Already four shots on target for PSG. None for OM.


Neymar is found in the Marseille area, but is picked up by Luan Peres. A few projectiles are thrown at Messi, who takes the corner.


Mbappé is making his number in the Marseille area. The corner resulted in a strike from Léo Messi … in the gloves of Pau Lopez.


Neymar launches Di Maria in depth … Fortunately for OM, Paul Lopez once again saves the Marseille club by coming out far from his cages.


Mbappé and Neymar stumble on the Marseille defense! The strikes of the two Parisian attackers are pushed back in extremis by Pau Lopez.


Protected by security guards and anti-projectile nets, Neymar hits the corner … which gives nothing.

For their next meeting, Olympique de Marseille will face OGC Nice, in a late match, while PSG will receive defending champion Lille.

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