Relive Roger Federer – Adrian Mannarino

In the aftermath of the defeat of the France team against Switzerland at Euro 2020, it is time for revenge for the Blues. And it is Adrian Mannarino who is responsible for leading the response by facing Roger Federer in his garden at Wimbledon.

Roger Federer 6-4, 6-7, 3-6, 6-2 Adrian Mannarino

19h50 : And it’s over. Kinglsey Mannarino must give up with a knee injury. And it was Roger Sefedererovic who won and joined the next round. What a hard blow. Thanks to you for following this live with me, you were as good as Mannarino.

19h49 : There is no point in continuing in real life.

19h47 : Roger Sefedererovic returns to 2-2. But I’m not sure Mannarino continues.

19h47 : I’m afraid he’ll stop at the end of this set.

19h45 : Ahah on the scoreboard they had already moved on to the next game.

19h44 : He looks in bad shape anyway.

19h43 : Yes he’s going back there, my soldier.

19h39: The doctor comes to try to treat his knee. Let him give him Djokovic’s medicine.

19h38 : Ouch Mannarino who stays on the ground. Not that, not the injury.

19h36 : It’s now.

19h30 : Well that will be at the next service game.

19h28 : It was important to win a game. Now we break it down.

19h23 : Ouch the entry station wagon.

19h22 : Federer who needs the help of the net to gain points …

19h19 : Ooh it’s a shame that missed break point from the start.


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19h07 : Is it Mannarino or Djokovic?

19h04 : 10 points in a row for Mannarino. Go get me the 15.


19h00 : Ah Roger is changing polo shirts.

18h57 : I believe he woke up the beast. It’s more Federer, it’s (Se) federerovic.

18h55 : Well, I’m going to the bathroom for 5 minutes and Federer breaks it.


18h45 : Success is clearly with Mannarino. And we take.


18h36 : 5 set balls. GO !!!

18h33 : We take this net. 4-1 go.

18h31 : YES the mini-break.

18h30 : Of course he doesn’t crack. Tie-break.

18h27 : Be careful not to crack now.

18h24 : Ah bah yes Roger you are too old to go get this one.

18h22 : He can do it, Adrian.

18h19 : Come on Manna. Tell yourself it’s Seferovic in front of you.

18h17 : It connects the easy games. At least it’s scrolling.

18h14 : @PorchoLoco It’s true he looks depressed. Even if usually it’s not Bozo the clown either.

18h12 : Well the problem is that Roger too.

18h10 : He is there on his faceoff Manna.

18h06 : Ooh he’s doing well Roger.

18h04 : And go let it tamper with the hawk-eye. We disturb.

18h03: And well it’s quieter at Wimbledon than at Wembley, eh. And it is especially less alcoholic.

18:00: He’s not good at real Roger.

17h58 : Of course we put a double screen with the Germany-England match.

17h56 : @ José-Fan Pierre-Carlcarl It is not impossible that we do. Especially if Mark Cavendish starts winning stages again. Besides, I invite you to read the new Pédale magazine which has just been released and which is extraordinary.

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17h54 : And here is Adrian coming back to 1-1.

17h51 : The linesmen still close their eyes when it is Federer who plays.

17h49 : Good bah it does not restart better the second set …

17h45 : Ouch Ouch Ouch Federer who takes the first set. It’s nothing Adrian, Switzerland also opened the scoring before losing 3-1. And in tennis, the match ended at 3-1.

17h42 : @JohnPizzapan It’s true it was a hateful attitude what he did. Especially for Kopfer, which he had just won at Roland Garros.

17h39 : I just saw that it’s Mannarino’s birthday today. Do it for you.

17h37 : Good on the other hand it’s a bit long as a game.

17h34 : I ride better than them at the net with Pat Rafter on Virtua Tennis 2.

17h32 : So this is Roger Federer?

17h29 : How’s it raining in London? Astonishing …

17h26 : What a hard blow Mannarino which does not let me do my valves that I had planned in case of 3-1.

17h23 : Even the linesmen are class at Wimbledon …

17h22 : In truth I do not believe it too much.

17h19 : @ ReplacetoiMénez As a fan of the Dolphins you can imagine that I appreciate your reference.

17h16 : And here’s Mannarino sticking to the score (almost) without trembling.

17h15 : Humbert is the most fortunate one to make a course at Wimbledon this year. But stuffing Nick Kyrgios in the first round is not easy.

17h10 : @ rhz1984 There is Luca Van Assche who has just won Roland-Garros in the juniors where there were 4 French in the semi-finals.

17h09: Ouch Federer who wins his service game when he was led 0-40. Be careful not to regret it.

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17h08 : OK the linesman who cheats …


17h06 : HERE WE GO !!!!!!

17h05: Mannarino never took a set from Federer? There’s a beginning for everything. Switzerland also never won France eh.

17h03 : For the moment Adrian Mannarino wins the warm-up.

17h00 : The artist enters the arena. Federer too.

16h58 : So it’s very nice Kerber-Stojanovic, but Serbia did not qualify for the Euro eh. So we go to Federer-Mannarino.

16h55 : Hello fools, are you okay? Not too hard on a hangover? Don’t worry, Adrian Mannarino is going to avenge France by crushing this grandpa Roger Federer.

by Steven Oliveira