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Little by little, all board games end up reaching mobile phones. And it is logical since, thanks to the ubiquity of the smartphone, we can have a game wherever we go and at any time. This is the case of the latest adaptation of one of the most classic board games, Monopoly: after prior registration, it is finally available to download from mobile stores.

We recently learned about the game’s registration, and the developers complied: the popular board game, which so many families have ruined (who didn’t knock their mother down during one of those games?) is accessible to any smartphone screen. Of course at a somewhat high cost: 4.49 euros. In return, we can enjoy multiplayer games and the animations included within the app.

Sell, collect and trade


There is little to explain about the rules of Monopoly since it is surely one of the usual games in every house, especially now that Christmas is approaching. You know: you have to conquer the city by buying the streets, putting houses, hotels and, most importantly, we must win at the cost of taxing the rest of the players; preventing them from plucking us, which is also important.


The adaptation of Monopoly to a smartphone game has been done in great detail. In fact, the board is perfectly animated and gives the impression of being a Sim City; with a center of the table where the movement of the city is perceived and that, in addition, varies depending on the chosen theme.


Different game modes to make the game as long as you want, different themes for the Monopoly city, location for the board (the streets in Spain are those of Madrid), the possibility of playing against the AI ​​or participating in online multiplayer games (several people can also play with the same phone) and the option to choose the rules of the game. All with a faithful adaptation of the original board game, something that is appreciated.

Monopoly for Android and iOS is paid and is worth 4.49 euros, as we said, but this does not separate in-app purchases from the game. There is a store from which to download new themes for the board, and a season pass is also available: it unlocks all current and future game. In case there was not enough with the initial cost, the Monopoly season pass costs 34.99 euros. However, it is perfectly enjoyed without buying anything, nor does it bring ads (it was just missing).



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