relive this day of the National Security Council and the announcements of Sophie Wilmès (videos)

New National Security Council (CNS) this Thursday, July 23. Here are the new measures adopted.

Relive Sophie Wilmès’ press conference in video

Here are the things to remember

No activation of phase 5 of deconfinement. “We will not increase the numbers of people at events and gatherings (indoor or outdoor). Currently, the events can accommodate 200 people indoors and 400 people outdoors since the implementation of phase 4 of deconfinement on July 1st. The launch of phase 5 which was to start on August 1 and allow events to accommodate 400 people indoors and 800 people outdoors. However, given the resurgence of the virus, the CNS has decided to delay the launch of phase 5. “We are not going to relax the measures concerning public events,” Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) said Thursday. “This will be possible again from September 1, provided the rules are strictly followed and everyone wears a mask. Everything will obviously depend on the evolution of the virus. ” So no reopening of fairs and shows before September 1st.

Wearing a mask becomes mandatory in more places from this Saturday, July 25
: in shopping streets and any public or private place with high traffic determined by the municipal authorities, in buildings accessible to the public, markets (including flea markets, flea markets, fun fairs, trade fairs and exhibitions), in establishments within the Horeca sector (for staff and customers, except when the latter are at the table). “It is clear that the mayors must have time to adapt to the new rules by Saturday,” added Sophie Wilmès, however. As a reminder, wearing a mask was already compulsory in public transport, closed public spaces such as stores and shopping centers, cinemas, performance halls, concert or conference halls, places of worship, museums and libraries, auditoriums, casinos and sales automatic games, justice buildings (in parts accessible to the public), but also hairdressers, beauticians and other contact professions.

Les nightshops will have to close at 10 p.m., to avoid risky gatherings in public spaces. Sophie Wilmès specified that the measure was intended to meet the temptation of some customers to go to night shops, after the closure of the catering establishment to stock up. It is in and around these stores that problems sometimes arise, she said in substance. The closing time of horeca establishments will remain unchanged.

In the hospitality industry (which does not change its closing hours, still set at 1 a.m.), customers will have to provide an email address or a phone number before leaving the premises to allow easier follow-up in the event of contamination, announced Thursday the Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès. The transmitted data will be deleted after 14 days.

Controls will be strengthened. “It is a reminder to those who forget that the virus is still there,” said the Prime Minister.

Local containments are possible. Local authorities have a major role to play. These act within the framework of the ministerial decree. However, they can consider additional precautionary measures in consultation with the regions and governors; and this, for the sake of overall consistency. On the other hand, if epidemiological foci should appear on their territory, the local authorities have all the latitude to act directly. The Regions transmit health information and provide the mayors with a roadmap made up of gradual measures that can be activated at the municipal level, which can range from the closure of a single establishment to the implementation of local confinements. The visual and verbal communication of additional municipal rules is of course the responsibility of the local authorities. They must be supported in their approach, in a spirit of collaboration with all levels of power.

The contact bubble remains limited to 15 people per week. “It’s 15 people every week, not a day. We must be able to enumerate them (with a view to tracing). If everyone respects the bubble of 15, we should not reduce it. But it must be respected. Maintaining it in the future depends on individual behavior, ”said Sophie Wilmès.

Reminder of the 6 golden rules
: Hygiene measures remain essential; Favor outdoor activities; Watch out for people at risk; The safety distances remain in force (1.5m); Social bubble of 15 people per week; No gathering of more than 15 people. “These rules are not advice but instructions. They must imperatively be respected. These rules also apply abroad and when you return from vacation, ”Ms. Wilmès recalled.

: Sophie Wilmès announced the upcoming posting on the Foreign Affairs website of a digitized form that people returning from trips to red or orange zones will have to fill out under penalty of a fine. For returns from orange zones, the CNS advises a period of quarantine and a test, mandatory measures for people returning from red zones whether “on foot, by train, by plane”.

About the virus
: According to the Prime Minister, “the latest figures should not panic us (but) they should nevertheless be taken extremely seriously”. “An increase in contamination is an integral part of the deconfinement process. This is not abnormal but it must remain under control ”, she argued. Since last week, the number of new infections has grown “considerably”, she said, citing the figure of 193 per day on average, with a “peak” of 360 on Monday. “The increase in the number of contaminations is due to non-compliance with the rules,” said the Prime Minister. However, she noted differences between age groups – young adults aged 20 to 30 are more affected – and geographic, with “worrying increases” in some provinces – which she did not name, but among which is that of Antwerp. “We won a first battle, but the fight against the coronavirus is certainly not over,” concluded the Prime Minister by reiterating her call for “absolute caution” in the face of the virus.

Relive Sophie Wilmès’ press conference live with commentary

Relive the great moments of this day in our company:

– 13h15
: according to our information, there would therefore be no phase 5 of the relaxations. Power would be given to the mayors of the municipalities to take additional measures. And the catering industry should not close an hour earlier. However, to be confirmed in the next few minutes …

– 13h05
: According to our information, the social bubble should remain at 15 people / week.

– 12h33 : The obligation to wear a mask should be extended. This seems to be done for commercial streets, markets, fairs, when you leave the table at the restaurant …

– 12h20 : According to our information, the discussions were lively and the various parties around the table found it difficult to agree on the various points on the agenda.

– 11h59 : Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès has just announced the time of the press conference. This will start at 1:30 p.m.

– 11h17 : More than 3 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially declared in Europe, more than half of which in Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, according to a count made by AFP from official sources on Thursday morning .

-10h39 : Five rectors of Flemish universities insist, Thursday in an open letter published by several newspapers, on the essential “unity of command” in the fight against the spread of the new coronavirus, in full rebound of the epidemic. “The crisis is not a bit federal, a bit regional, a bit provincial and a bit local,” they denounce.

-09h36: “We are going to discuss measures which must remind us of the vigilance, the caution that we must exercise because there are obviously a certain number of people who have not understood that in order to avoid a second wave (…) we must strictly observe behaviors that have been designated as rules, ”said the Minister for Independents and SMEs, Denis Ducarme (MR) on his arrival.

9h27: David Clarinval, Minister of the Budget and the Civil Service, spoke on the sidelines of the meeting. “We see that the main problems are located locally, in very specific communities. We know how to identify them very precisely. I think that we will give the maximum of power to the local authorities, to the mayors, to be able to act as quickly as possible in these communities and to be as effective as possible. “

-9h12: According to our information, the authorities should discuss a closure an hour earlier for the hospitality sector.


Here we go, the National Security Council has started.

– 9h00: Wearing a mask, closing the hospitality sector an hour earlier, reconfinement… this is how the government is going to tighten the screws!

– 6h35 : Today’s figures have fallen. There is an increase of 91% compared to the previous week with an average of 192 new infections with the new coronavirus between July 13 and July 19. The complete balance sheet.

As a reminder, the National Security Council brings together the Prime Minister, the minister-presidents of the federated entities, the competent ministers as well as experts.


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