Remains of 8,000 Nazi war victims found in Poland

Some 17.5 tons of human ashes were discovered and unearthed near a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland, the Institute of National Memory (IPN), which conducts investigations into Nazi crimes, announced on Wednesday.

The remains were unearthed in Ilowo Osada, in the Bialucki Forest, near the former concentration camp of Dzialdowo (Soldau, in German, 150 kilometers north of Warsaw), built during the occupation of Poland by Nazi Germany during the war. Second World War.

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Since the invasion of Poland in September 1939, the Soldau camp served as a place of transit, internment and extermination of political opponents, members of the Polish elites and Jews.

Some calculations indicate that 30,000 prisoners died in Soldaubut so far the historical sources do not make it possible to certify it.

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The discovery of this place “makes it easy to say that at least 8,000 people died here”indicated Tomasz Jankowski, prosecutor at the IPN.

This number is calculated thanks to the weight of the remains. Two kilos of ashes correspond approximately to a body.

They were discovered near a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland.  (Photo: AFP)
They were discovered near a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland. (Photo: AFP)By: JANEK SKARZYNSKI | AFP

“The victims buried in this grave probably were killed around 1939 and they belonged mostly to the Polish elites,” according to Jankowski.

In 1944, Jewish prisoners were ordered to exhume the bodies and set them on fire, to erase traces of Nazi war crimes.

With information from AFP.