Remarkably, Saudi Arabian Women Give Birth to 10 Twins Normally

illustration of twins (Source:

RIYADH, KOMPAS.TV – A Saudi Arabian woman gave birth to 10 babies who, amazingly, performed normally.

The babies consisted of 5 pairs of twins born on Wednesday (12/1/2022).

The babies weigh between 950 to 1,100 grams.

Currently, the condition of the baby’s mother, who is known to be 34 years old, is being monitored by a medical team from the King Salman Armed Forces Hospital.

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Quoted from Saudi Gazette, the happy news was shared by the Saudi Ministry of Defense and the families of the babies via Twitter.

Praise was also given to the medical staff for their efforts and the success of the birth.

“What a great achievement from a great team, may God grant them all success and thanks and appreciation to the hospital director,” said one supporter, Mjahed Alatawi.

The head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Major General Attia Al-Zahrani, also received appreciation and gratitude for his role in assisting the birth.

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