Remember Mototechna in the quiz

Remember the era of Mototechna in Czechoslovakia and try to successfully pass our simple quiz:

1. Already at the beginning of the 70s, the latest flagship Citroën was available at Mototechna, which was a follow-up to the legendary Citroën DS and was the newly elected European Car of the Year in 1971. Do you remember what it was called?
2. In 1978, you could buy a wrecker for 98,000 CZK, which was the pre-revolutionary dream of many Czechoslovakians. Do you know what famous American brand he drove?
3. Even more expensive than “cháčko” was a car from the Nordic countries. Can you guess the correct name of the Saab, which cost 132,000 CZK in 1978?
4. The year is 1989 and for 189,900 CZK you can buy a new car that will be the envy of all your neighbors. Do you remember the name of this now long defunct car?
5. One of the first pioneering hatchbacks from Renault from the 1960s, which was also available in the Czechoslovak Mototechna, was called:
6. In the late 1980s, you could buy an ARO 240, Dacia 1300 or Oltcit Club at the Czechoslovak Mototechna. Can you remember what common country of origin these cars had?
7. At Mototechna, you could treat yourself to the Italian folk buggy in the picture. It is:
8. In communist Czechoslovakia, thanks to Mototechna, a car was also sold, which for many people was a dream come true of a car from the West. Austin Allegro was coming to us from:
9. Do you remember whether the representative government limousine Tatra 613, which was intended mainly for the highest civil servants and functionaries of the ruling communist party, was also offered by Mototechna?
10. In the late 1960s, you could also buy the Italian toy car in the picture at Mototechna in Czechoslovakia. It was about:

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.

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