Remember Soda Stereo’s last concert in 1997, free on YouTube

It is an exciting and powerful “update” of the 1997 farewell, adding an interview to the director Alfredo Lois that was not uploaded and extras like a documentary filmed in Mexico, Venezuela, Chile Y Argentina.


Soda Stereo broke up in 1997.

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A tour that started in Mexico and ended in Buenos Aires

As reported by the Andean website, the last concert was recorded during the tour that started on August 30, 1997 in the Mexican DF, With such a large audience that another recital was added the next day. On September 2 they played at Monterrey, on day 6 in Caracas and on the 13th at the National Stadium of Santiago de Chile, before 75 thousand people, a record of convocation.


On September 20, 1997, the mythical band gave their last concert in River Plate.

On September 20, 1997, the mythical band gave their last concert in River Plate.

The closing was in Buenos Aires, before 70 thousand people who filled the stadium River Plate, on September 20, 1997. It was the official farewell to Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio Y Charly Alberti, after 15 years of career. They only met again a decade later, with the also historic tour “You will see me return.”

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The repertoire included hits like “In the city of fury”, “Seduction game”, “American blind”, “When the shaking stops” and “TV overdose”. In addition to the famous version of the theme “Of light music”, where Gustavo pronounces -just before the last chord- the now famous phrase “Total thanks!”

The advance of “The last concert” of Soda Stereo

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