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The tickets have been booked and the passport is ready. This summer, it is free for holidays abroad. If you are fully vaccinated and even have a booster dose, you can completely relax.

On is the valid corona certificate which is your entrance ticket to the holiday paradise – at least to countries in the EU and EEA. You can download it to your phone or print it out and take it with you on the trip.

Counting function in the corona certificate

If, on the other hand, you have two vaccine doses, you must check whether the corona certificate is valid until the holiday. The main rule is that the corona certificate only lasts for 270 days, or nine months, from the time you received dose two and were considered fully vaccinated.

Many received dose two last summer or early autumn. Then there is a danger that your certificate will expire before this summer’s big trip abroad (read more about this in the fact box below).

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There is a counting function in the certificate that shows how many days have passed since the last dose of the basic vaccination or since the positive test.

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Remember to self-test does not registered in the corona certificate. If you have been ill without confirming it with either a PCR test or antigen rapid test at the test station, you must count 270 days from the last vaccine.

After that, your certificate will be invalid. Then you must make sure to get a third vaccine dose well in advance of the holiday, or take an approved test for the certificate to be valid when you travel.

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The National Institute of Public Health still recommends waiting to take a “travel vaccine”.

– We recommend waiting to get vaccinated up to a month before departure. Since there are changes in vaccination requirements and entry requirements in several countries at the moment, it may turn out that vaccination is still not necessary to travel, says chief physician Eli Heen at NIPH.

Read the rules carefully when traveling with children

NIPH emphasizes that it is especially important to plan your trip well in advance when you travel abroad with minors.

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Children have a valid coronation certificate until their 18th birthday, if they have been vaccinated with two doses or after one dose for those who have documented having undergone coronary heart disease, says chief physician Eli Heen at the National Institute of Public Health.

Negative testing in the days before entry is an option in several countries.

As a general rule, children under the age of 12 do not need a corona certificate for travel in the EU or EEA, but since there are large differences from country to country, you must check the rules in the country you are traveling to.

Some countries require a certificate for children up to the age of five. Useful pages are Re-open EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ app “Ready to travel” which you can download on your phone.

Printing is a good idea when the 15-year-old turns 16

Until the children are 16 years old, the parents can collect the corona passport for the children at Health Norway.

From the day the children turn 16, this is no longer possible. The 16-year-olds have to download it themselves. This means that they must be able to log in to Helse-Norge, and for that they need an electronic ID such as BankID, Buypass or Commfides. MinID is does not sufficient.

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– A tip is that the parents print the children’s certificate before they turn 16, because it can take time to order a Bank ID if the children do not already have it, advises Eli Heen in FHI.

Please note that printouts of corona certificates are technically valid for 90 days after printing. This is for security reasons that have nothing to do with the validity of the certificate.

Test gives valid corona certificate

Not everyone has the opportunity to be vaccinated. Negative test result taken during the last 72 hours before departure therefore also gives a valid certificate.

There must be tests taken at a test station and registered. Home tests do not apply.

It differs from municipality to municipality if they offer testing before travel, so you must check with your municipality.

A number of private players offer testing before travel, but it can quickly become expensive if more people in the family are to be tested.

Volvat offers Fit to fly PCR test and travel certificate from 1640 kroner. Antigen test with travel certificate costs 1090. At DrDropin you can get Fit two fly PCR test and travel certificate for 1195 kroner and corresponding antigen test with travel certificate for 890 kroner. At Aleris, this costs 1400 kroner.

Here, too, you must check which test is required in your country of travel.

Land cancels corona certificate

More and more countries in Europe are now phasing out the use of corona certificates and corona restrictions.

As of mid-May, 16 countries in Schengen no longer have coronary restrictions. The last countries to remove entry requirements for travelers from the EU and EEA were Lithuania, Bulgaria and Greece, says Heen.

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She advises people to follow the rules of the country they are going to.

– Our advice is that people follow the rules in the country you are going to travel to from the time you book the trip until you are back home. We recommend everyone to check the travel country on Re-open EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ app Reiseklar. Remember that the rules can change quickly even while you are on holiday in the country, says Heen.

EU repeals sanitary napkin order

From 16 May, bandages will no longer be mandatory on flights and airports in EU countries.

At the same time, the authorities remind that bandages are one of the best tools to avoid coronary heart disease.

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– A passenger who coughs and sneezes should strongly consider using a mouthpiece, they write.

The rules for face masks can still vary between different flights and airlines. This applies in particular to flights to countries that have other rules than EU rules.