Remembering Mouloud: A Tribute to the Gifted Algerian Singer-Songwriter.

Photo, at Beur FM in 1996, in the show Culturum by Moh Cherbi with Brahim Saci.

A thought for the singer Mouloud, (real name Ahmed Ghezraoui).

Mouloud is from Tizi-Ouzou, a great artist, academic, songwriter, a fabulous guitarist. He sang rock, jazz, country, new wave, pop/rock, reggae, chaabi but also Kabyle.

He released a 45 lap with Déesse in 1979 in the second year of sociology at the University of Paris 8. He did many concerts throughout France and in Algeria, but at the discography level it is an obstacle course to make a album.

In 1987 he released an album, “Return to sources without borders”, which cost him energy and sweat, including the songs, Return to sources without borders – Rock Beur – Rain and tears – Yasmina…

From 1987 to 1992 his songs often played on Radio Beur, especially the famous song Yasmine. From 1992 his songs remained regularly broadcast until the end of 90 on Beur FM.

Mouloud was a gifted academic, a brilliant artist, singer-songwriter who deserves to be remembered.

I had the chance to meet him at the beginning of the 90s, I remember him as a humble and discreet man, a very talented artist, who sang rock, new wave, pop/rock, country, jazz, Reggae, only Kabyle.

In 1996, he undertook a colossal work, the recording of covers of 43 Algerian Kabyle and Arab songs having marked several decades, this same year the academic and poet Moh Cherbi invites him in his cultural program “Culturum” to which I collaborated as a columnist, it is a memorable memory. The exchanges with Mouloud were top notch, an eclectic artist with an amazing musical level.

A sad fate for this enthusiast of the arts, singing and music in all its diversity, Mouloud died far too early, on December 23, 2006, tragically following a cardiac arrest at the dawn of his fiftieth year in Aubervilliers. . May his beautiful soul rest in peace.

Brahim Saci

2023-06-05 19:05:33

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