Renault. The Foundries of Poitou on strike

The some 600 employees of Liberty Alu Poitou and Liberty Fonderie Poitou, two equipment manufacturers in Vienna in great difficulty with Renault as their sole customer, started a strike on Thursday to protest against the lack of financial commitment from the authorities and their British shareholder.

This movement made after the holding the day before in Poitiers of a territorial monitoring committee of these two companies, also called Foundries of Poitou, located side by side in Ingrandes-sur-Vienne, just north of Châtellerault.

At this closed meeting, where elected officials, staff representatives, the State and the shareholder Liberty House sat, it was announced that the region and the state would put nothing, summed up to AFP Géry Bégeault, CGT delegate for Liberty Alu.

“They said we had to manage on our own”

These two companies have different needs: for aluminum, there is an investment project to develop a new Renault cylinder head. For the cast part, the shareholder sees no future in the automobile and instructed a firm to find by the end of July a conversion project in another sector.

For the new cylinder head, the shareholder has already committed 3 million euros, to which were added 1.9 million in equity, but there’s still two million missing (and) they said we had to manage on our ownsums up Mr. Bégeault.

For the cast, there is no prospect for the future, launched the CGT delegate for this branch, Mr. Thierry Waye. Everyone gave money but there is still no retraining.

Regarding aluminum, we have already invested 6.9 million euros. We are in talks with our client and the political actors to obtain the additional investments necessary to finalize the development and industrialization of the new cylinder heads., pointed out by email to AFP Arnaud Tronche, managing director at Alvance, the aluminum part of Gupta Family Group Alliance (GFG Alliance), to which the shareholder Liberty House belongs.

A broken guarantee

Regarding the cast iron, Mr. Tronche recalled that the shareholder considered this strongly declining and saturated market. Despite all our efforts we must conclude that we do not know how to find the volumes necessary for the survival of the activity, he added, saying he understood legitimate disorder employees.

Recalling that a cabinet internationally recognized was looking for alternatives, he assured thatno decision can be made before the end of this working group.

Liberty House had bought the two companies in difficulty a year ago, retaining some 600 of the 800 jobs. The transaction included the guarantee of a volume of orders from Renault, which was not respected according to the unions.


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