Rendez-vous Affaires 2022 MLKRDL: a major economic event in the fall

“It’s an idea that’s been simmering in my head for more than two years. Being well aware of the entrepreneurial realities of the county, being an entrepreneur myself, I see the economic diversity of the region and I want to highlight it. Now is the time to come together and showcase the expertise of local organizations and businesses during these two days,” explains Bernard Généreux.

Much more than an exhibitor’s fair.

The event, made up of a large exhibition of exhibitors from business services and support organizations and from the various levels of government, will allow entrepreneurs in the region to get to know each other, to develop tangible links with manufacturing subcontractors, to create business opportunities and to promote labor recruitment.

“Rendez-vous Affaires 2022 MLKRDL is an opportunity to shine beyond the constituency, to create local and regional synergy to get to know each other between suppliers of complementary goods and services and to network like never before,” says Bernard Generous.

“The show expects more than 80 exhibitors! This will be a golden opportunity for companies to network, and for aid organizations to make themselves known. In addition, SMEs looking for labor will be able to collect applications,” says Amélie Martineau, project manager for the organization of the event.

Community collaboration, conferences and networking

The organization is counting on the participation of four major partners, namely Premier Tech, Alstom, Rousseau Métal and Maison Laprise.

During these two days, there will be conferences with distinguished guests on the challenges and solutions of the entrepreneurial and economic field. “It is an added value to the event to create moments to gather, discuss during networking activities, not to mention the innovative conferences that will be presented, in order to ensure sustainability and innovation in our companies” , mentions Bernard Bélanger, Chairman of the Board of Premier Tech.

“Rendez-vous Affaires 2022 MLKRDL is a new unifying experience for our regional economy. We see it as a great opportunity to make our region known and to work together on economic development infrastructure,” said Charles-Alexandre Paré, CEO of Rousseau Metal.

“We encourage this large-scale initiative which will highlight SMEs and the services offered in the territory. I’m confident that with Bernard at the head of this project, we’ll go far,” says Daniel Laprise, founding president of Laprise House.

“Alstom has purchased over $100m in goods and services in the region since 2018. Our company is an important contributor to the local economy and that is why we are proud to be associated with this important event. This meeting will allow us to highlight the expertise of our community and promote the diversity of services offered here. adds Jean-François Packwood, Managing Director, AlstomLa Pocatière website.

As a distribution partner, the Rendez-vous affaires 2022 MLKRDL can count on the participation of the Chambers of Commerce of the MRC of Rivière-du-Loup, Kamouraska-L’Islet and Montmagny. “ With this event, we aim to facilitate exchanges and potential partnerships between companies to always promote the success of our local economy. » summarizes Nancy Dubé, director of the Kamouraska–L’Islet Chamber of Commerce.