Business Renfe expects to enter 5.5 billion for the exploitation...

Renfe expects to enter 5.5 billion for the exploitation of the Texas AVE


It is one of the largest contracts abroad achieved by a Spanish company

Renfe expect to enter some 6,000 million dollars (about 5,500 million euros) during the period of 16 years in which the trains of the future AVE will operate between Dallas and Houston, in Texas (United States)once in 2026 this line concludes its construction and is put into service, as confirmed by Renfe sources. The public railway company won this contract in December last year to take charge of running the trains of what will be the first high-speed line in the United States. Now, the operator has made an economic estimate of what the provision of this international service will mean in terms of revenue, data that will be presented to its board of directors next Monday.

Based on this projection, Renfe calculates that it will enter the aforementioned 6,000 million dollars throughout the term of the contract. Of this total amount, about 311 million dollars (about 285 million euros) will be charged in the coming years, during the construction advisory phase. The bulk of the estimated turnover (5,611 million dollars, that is, about 5,200 million euros), will be collected when the trains are put into service in 2026 and until 2042 conclude your contract to exploit them, reports Ep.

Succulent contract

The amount makes the contract one of the largest achieved abroad, along with that of the AVE to Mecca, in which Renfe also participates to operate the trains. However, this project was achieved through a consortium of public and private companies as it included the construction of part of the line. As for the AVE to Texas, Renfe entered the project in October 2018, when he was chosen as a strategic partner to advise on design and construction. Subsequently, in December 2019, he also achieved the future exploitation of the line.

The AVE between Dallas and Texas is a project estimated at a total of 20,000 million dollars (about 18,520 million euros) that includes the construction of a 386 kilometer long line to link the cities of Dallas-Forth Worth and Houston in a travel time of an hour and a half. The corridor will be the first private AVE in the world, since it is being promoted by a consortium of private companies, the Texas Central Partners, which is not expected to have public funds. Renfe entered the project within the framework of its internationalization strategy, one of the pillars of the strategic plan developed by the public company, along with the digitalization and the next launch in Spain of its AVE service ‘low cost’. The company addresses this strategy while in Spain it is pending that next December the transport of passengers by train be liberalized and face the competition of operators in the AVE.



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