Reni Tolvai announced unexpected news: Congratulations to him

The singer announced great news.

The singer announced great news.

It’s no secret that the angelic-voiced singer nurtures a special attraction to makeup: most recently, for example, she tried a TikTok trend in her video that can optically enrich her lips. Tolvai Reni you don’t just work from home even before her performances, she usually makes her own makeup. As you can clearly see, the singer is amazingly talented in this as well, so no wonder she thought about launching her own makeup collection.

Reni has now shared an exceptional good news with his followers on his Instagram page, which very much seems to his own collection will arrive soonto be able to put on makeup with your fans in addition to live check-ins.

Congratulations and impatient comments kept pouring in response, to which Reni revealed another detail about the project:

Thank you for your support, I promise you will love it!

The singer wrote under her photo.


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