Reni Tolvai didn’t hold back: they spoke ugly to the singer

Reni Tolvai was not heartbroken, he reacted strikingly to the commentator who attacked him.

Tolvai Reni his latest photo provoked a strange reaction from one of the commentators. After seeing something in the picture in one of the singer’s nostrils, he drew quite an interesting conclusion.

“Get a metal wire out of your nose !! Because ?? It goes all the way up to your brain ?? Are you already a robot controlled by chips ??” Renit was attacked by a person whose profile did not reveal anything about him, not even that he was a man or a woman.

Reni’s reaction didn’t have to wait long, she was willing to give a simple and concise answer to the comment.

“The boy” He short-circuited.

Adorable-sounding singer-songwriter Tolvai Reni knows how to innovate and, thankfully, is adamant enough to show it to her audience. in the form of a song.