Rennes: Miossec, Christine & The Queens, Fire! Chatterton … They too were discovered at the Trans (but in the bars)

Rennes: Miossec, Christine & The Queens, Fire!  Chatterton … They too were discovered at the Trans (but in the bars)

Le Chantier bar participates every year in the festival of Bars in Trans, in Rennes. Here in 2014. – C. Allain / 20 MInutes
In Rennnes, it will be two festivals for the price of one this weekend with Trans Musicales and Bars in Trans.
Many groups have been discovered in the trocadores of the Breton capital like Christine & The Queen, Matmatah or Stupeflip.
This year, the Belgian singer Angèle is particularly expected.

Nirvana, Bjork, Lenny Kravitz, Daft Punk, Ben Harper … so many artists revealed at Trans Musicales who contributed to the legend of the festival. In Rennes, discoveries are not, however, the exclusive preserve of Trans. His little sister Bars in Trans also display a most prestigious hunting table. “Louise Attack, Miossec, Matmatah, Girls in Hawaii, Christine & The Queens, The Woman, Lilly Wood & The Prick, Yelle …”, lists Philippe Le Breton, the programmer. “And I forget many others! “.

Nevertheless, for the media and the general public, the Trans still retain the monopoly discovery radius. “It’s true that we still have a small deficit at this level,” said Philippe Le Breton, who does not hide a hint of irritation. “The press and the public sometimes make the confusion between the Trans and the Bars in Trans. So, we sometimes read in the biographies that this or that group was discovered at the Trans, while it was with us, “says the programmer, citing the example of singer Eddy from Pretto , programmed at Bars en Trans last year.

Programmers come to do their market there

For its defense, the off festival can count on the support of professionals, always more and more numerous to cover the event. “We are clearly identified as the festival of emerging groups of the French scene and the new French scene, it is the DNA of the festival, while Trans are more connected on the international scene . Many programmers come to Bars in Trans to make their market, “says Philippe Le Breton.

The five WTF groups of the comet @TransMusicales , via @ 20minutesrennes https://t.co/mjWut3xT7G #Rennes pic.twitter.com/2W6iDkB4Ov – Laurent Riéra (@LaurentRiera) October 1, 2017

Some artists do not forget to thank the festival that saw them bloom. “We knew we would have to give the best of ourselves, we knew that the concerts were watched with a magnifying glass. Result, after the Bars in Trans, we started a very long and very beautiful tour, which saw us play everywhere in France and abroad, “says Elvis Radio Group .

The singer Angèle eagerly awaited this year

For this 2017 vintage that opens this Thursday evening, Philippe Le Breton already promises a bright future to certain groups. ” The Belgian singer Angèle is eagerly awaited, just like Aloïse Sauvage, Lonepsi, Chaton and Corine. And also Malik Djoudi, my darling this year. See you in a few months to see if the programmer of the Bars in Trans was right.

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