Rennes. Protesters disrupt Skyrock vaccination operation

“We’re all here to protest the pathetic Skyrock operation!” Getting vaccinated for a radio dedication is nonsense. “ Since 12 noon, this Monday, October 4, 2021, Nelly and about fifty other people demonstrate against vaccination, in front of the Vaxibus on the Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade, in Rennes.

This operation, carried out by Skyrock radio and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, offers residents, and more particularly young people, to be vaccinated in this semi-trailer truck, and why not to record a dedication with Karim, the station host who participates in the Vaxibus tour.

Only about ten people vaccinated

However, between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m., only about ten people – elderly – were vaccinated. “People want to come, but they have their brains eaten by the antivax and they leave, deplores Karim, the radio host. The demonstrators attack people, there is even a lady who insulted me. “ Same speech from the Rennes caregivers mobilized for the occasion: “We are called murderers. We just came to do our job, we don’t want to be beaten up ”, explains one of them to Élisabeth Lagadec-Fethaddine, from the communication department of the Regional Health Agency who came on site.

photo the demonstrators gathered small placards deploring deaths linked to vaccination.  some include criticism of the skyrock ceo.  © martin roche / west-france

The demonstrators gathered small placards deploring deaths linked to vaccination. Some include criticism against the CEO of Skyrock. © Martin ROCHE / Ouest-France

Outside the Vaxibus, some demonstrators boo at people entering the mobile vaccination center. All under the watchful eye of the police, who, in the afternoon, parked their three vans next door. But most opponents of the vaccine are calm and say they are acting peacefully. Like Nelly and a few others, who distribute leaflets and say they do not prevent access to the Vaxibus to people who have come to be vaccinated but simply wish to present their arguments to them.

After this mobilization, the holding of the Vaxibus operation scheduled for Tuesday, October 5 was canceled.

On September 11, 2021, anti-vaccine inscriptions were discovered around the vaccination and screening centers in the Bréquigny district.