Renowned cardiologist dies from COVID-19 in Lara :: La Prensa de Lara

Guiomar López | LARA’S PRESS.- The battle was strong. The doctor Nestor González Ochoa, a renowned cardiologist from Venezuela, lost his life to the ravages of COVID-19. Yesterday it was known of his death and he is the sixth specialist to die in the Larense entity, although he exercised his career in Portuguesa. He was held at the Razetti clinic in Barquisimeto, in a delicate state of health that forced his relatives to request collaboration to pay for the costs of the disease.

González served as Coordinator of Postgraduate Cardiology in the Portuguese state and was highly recognized in the training of specialists in this area of ​​health by Cardiologists of Venezuela. The information was confirmed by Dr. Freddy Pachano, director of Postgraduate Medicine at the University of Zulia through his Twitter account.

This renowned professional goes on to swell the black list of victims among the 188 doctors who died during the pandemic. A figure that breaks down the total of 254 health workers who have lost their lives due to complications with covid-19.

The organization United Doctors of Venezuela offered this Thursday a balance of health professionals who have died from complications with the virus that was discovered in China and that has claimed the lives of more than 1 million people around the world. In the report, Medicos Unidos reports that seven health workers died from coronavirus in the last five days.

The non-governmental organization criticizes that health professionals in the country are facing the potential virus without any type of protection and with few medicines, in strenuous working hours due to the lack of personnel who emigrated due to the economic crisis and to top it off with salaries so pyrrhic that they do not even cover the costs of the passage from home to the health center where they work.

“Reality: Health personnel do not have mourners in the country”, wrote the organization through its account on the social network Twitter.



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