Reopening of swimming pools, cinemas, …: Belgium moves to phase 4 of deconfinement

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Aeagerly stretched by numerous sectors of activity, phase 4 of the deconfinement of Belgium in the face of the ebb of the Coronavirus pandemic comes into effect this Wednesday, July 1. It is synonymous with new flexibility.

The bubble of private contacts now authorized increases from 10 to 15 people per individual per week. A series of activities can also resume, subject to conditions.

Thus, swimming pools are authorized to reopen their doors, as well as theaters and cinemas, gambling halls, party and reception halls (limited to 50 people until the end of July, and 100 people from August), amusement parks, indoor playgrounds, wellness centers and saunas.

Many of these establishments will, however, operate with a reservation system, and for a specific time slot. Those interested are therefore invited to inquire beforehand.

In casinos, only one player will be allowed per slot machine, which must be separated by at least 1.5 meters, or failing that, a plexiglass plate. Game tables, tokens and other cards must be sufficiently disinfected. These establishments must close at 1:00 am.

Jacuzzis and hammams can only reopen for private treatments.

The markets will also benefit from this relaxation, with the lifting of the ban on exceeding 50 stalls.

The obligation to do your shopping alone as well as the time limit will also be removed in stores where wearing a mask will not ultimately be mandatory. The question had divided the experts, who seemed favorable to it, and the political world.

Cultural events and events

Cultural events can also resume in the presence of an audience, but limited to 200 people indoors, and 400 outdoors in July, provided that safety rules are respected.

After the controversy caused by the holding of a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Brussels, phase 4 of the deconfinement authorizes the demonstrations. As long as they are static and the safety distances are respected. This threshold of 400 people also applies to fairs.

The ceiling for weddings, funerals, cremations increases from 100 to 200 people maximum until the end of July. We should move to a threshold of 400 people as of August 1. On the other hand, no change for the nightclubs. These will keep their doors closed until August 31. The closing time of the horeca – fixed at 1:00 am in the morning since the beginning of June – is not modified.



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