Repair and troubleshooting Apple iPad Mini 3 on Rodez and Aveyron 12


Before any repair of your Apple iPad Mini 3 Touch Tablet (A1599 / A1600), we will provide you with a free estimate on the repair to be carried out.


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Our prices include parts and labor.


If the repair you wish to carry out is not in this grid, contact our Rodez store on 05 65 59 71 92

The quality of the service

Our Docteur IT Rodez store is an expert repair center with experienced technicians.

The speed of service

Your equipment is taken care of upon your arrival and the majority of repairs are carried out within 24 hours.

The service guarantee

Most of our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year. Inquire in store.

Clarity of service

As soon as you take charge of your equipment, we will provide you with a free and firm estimate.

Description of your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600)

Our Docteur IT store is specialized in repairing and troubleshooting your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600) in Rodez and Aveyron. We can repair your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600) regardless of its failure or malfunction: broken touch screen, broken LCD screen, damaged back cover, sound problem, bad connection, random annoyance, cut, a fall in the ‘water . If you do not know where your problem comes from, you can come and meet us directly in our store in Toulouse, we will establish a free estimate for you which does not commit you to anything. We take care of your equipment as soon as you arrive at the Rodez store, and most of our repairs on your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600) are immediate. All our repairs are guaranteed and reliable, and a team of technicians will welcome you and advise you in optimizing the use of your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600). We also have in our Rodez store a whole range of accessories for your Apple iPad Mini 3 (A1599 / A1600): case, protective shell, cable, plug… at a low price.