Repair station for bicycles in Neukirchen – Cham region – news

The northern mountain bike route, the Trans Bayerwald, leads through the resort town of Neukirchen b.

27. June 2021
4:34 pm

In Neukirchen b. Holy blood stands and a bike repair station Photo: Baumeister Photo: builder

Neukirchen b Hl Blood.Holy Blood. It comes from Passau and ends in Furth im Wald. In Neukirchen b. There is no repair shop for bicycles in the Holy Blood. Therefore, a repair station was delivered by the Ostbayern Tourist Association, which has now been set up by the Neukirchener Bauhof on Hohenbogenstrasse near the Freybach Bridge. This service point is financed with funds from the cooperation project “EU Leader” of the Ostbayern Tourism Association. The market town of Neukirchen was responsible for the foundation work and setting up the service station. In addition, she takes on the care, supervision and maintenance of the system, announced the head of the tourist information, Anne Baumeister.

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