Replaces breast milk | Life of a newborn at risk

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The milk diet is making a large number of victims all over the world among newborns, which causes vomiting and various illnesses in children who are induced to this type of diet.

Over the years there have been many news items published in relation to thenutrition of newborn children on the modus operandi to be undertaken to guarantee them an excellent state of healthalso in an attempt to do the thing that is deemed most right towards the little ones if we also consider the various scientific studies that have then been concentrated on the nutritional value that mother’s milk can have on them.

Baby breast milk – RecipeSprint

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This time, however, to hold court in the media we find a piece of news that is truly incredible and which concerns the life of a newborn baby really hanging by a thread following some wrong choices that were made by the mother who mistakenly thought she was having made a good choice for the health of the little one.

It replaces breast milk but…

In the crosshairs of media attention, in these hours, we find news that is leaving the internal world speechless, given that it sees as undisputed the protagonist is a mother who has made a harmful decision for her childseriously endangering the child’s health.

The woman in question has decided to replace almond milk with breast milkcertain that this could have a greater nutritional contribution for her son given that she had had satisfactory effects on herself and almost certainly by comparing herself with research read online which thus convinced her to implement her plan without seeking advice from a pediatrician.

Baby breast milk - RecipeSprint
Baby breast milk – RecipeSprint

What happened later was incredible, given that the little son was hospitalized with vomiting and various ailments.

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The shocking discovery

It was the doctor who told the facts in question shortywho dealt with the case of the baby fed with almond milk, thus knowing the mother of the child who had preferred this nourishment to that of mother’s milk, making a serious mistake and endangering the child’s life given that his body in that particular phase was not yet ready to assimilate the nutrients deriving from a vegetable drink like that.

Baby breast milk - RecipeSprint
Baby breast milk – RecipeSprint

Furthermore, at first it was also thought that the child could be suffering from type one diabetes but only further tests then hinged on what was really happening and on the fact that the child was undernourished and subsequently the mistake made from the mother. Dr. Chaparrotherefore, who dealt with the case during a long interview released to the press, made the following observation about what happened: “A formula is essentially regulated as tightly as any prescribed drug when it comes to the ingredients in it to make sure a baby’s kidneys are developing, their liver, their electrolytes – everything else is in a great balance.“. In the end: “They are not as hardy as an adult who could stand in the sun for 12 hours and become dehydrated – for the most part we will still be fine, but not so for a child“.

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