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“Requiem for a Friend” is a film series about lawyer Joachim Vernau on ZDF. We have all the information about repeats, TV dates, actors, plot and transmission here for you.

The crime film series “Joachim Vernau” revolves around the lawyer of the same name and is based on the novels by Elisabeth Herrmann. Jan Josef Liefers can be seen in the title role as Joachim Vernau, who not only takes care of his clients’ concerns in court, but also takes on the investigation of criminal offenses himself. “Requiem for a Friend” is the final episode of the series and revolves around a murder that took place in Vernau’s own office.

Would you like to learn more about “Requiem for a Friend” from the crime series “Joachim Vernau”? Is there a rerun or is the film available in the ZDF-Media library? When is the exact TV date? Which actors are in the final episode? What is the crime story like? We answer these and other questions for you here.

“Requiem for a Friend”: TV date in ZDF

The crime film “Requiem for a Friend” was released on June 27, 2022 ZDF to see. The thriller was broadcast for the first time in 2021 as TV film of the week.

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Broadcast of “Requiem for a Friend” live on TV and stream

You could watch the final part of the crime series live on June 27, 2022 at 8:15 p.m TV im ZDF pursue. In addition to broadcasting on television, you can also watch “Requiem for a Friend” online in the live stream of the ZDF look at. Viewing the stream is free and does not require an account. It can also be repeated in the media library whenever and wherever you want – more on this below.

Cast of “Requiem for a Friend”: actors in the cast

Alongside Jan Josef Liefers, Stefanie Stappenbeck takes on the female lead in “Requiem for a Friend”. The successful German actress appears in the thriller as Vernaus colleague Marie-Luise Hoffmann and is known, among other things, from the cinema hit “Barfuss” and from various “Tatort” episodes. These are the main actors of “Requiem for a Friend” at a glance:

  • Jan Josef Liefers if Joachim Vernau
  • Stephanie Stappenbeck if Marie-Luise Hoffmann
  • Elisabeth Schwarz as Hildegard Vernau
  • Carmen-Maja Antoni as a hat
  • August Zirner as Sebastian Marquardt
  • Carina Wiese if Brigitte Marquardt
  • Irina Potapenko if Tatyana Wolgast
  • Rainer Stretcher as Thorsten Vaasenburg
  • Jörg Thadeusz als Dr. Forsberg
  • Kida Khodr Ramadan if Fair Kalaman
  • Peter Trabner as Harry Fischer
  • Miriam Maertens if Carolin Weigert
  • Jonas Hien as Andreas Hartman
  • Oscar Ortega Sanchez to Commissar Langusta
  • Beate Maes as judge Leonore Woitek

Plot of “Requiem for a Friend”: What is the thriller about?

During a tax audit in the office of lawyer Joachim Vernau, tax officer Harry Fischer finds a four-year-old hospitality receipt that he wants to discuss with Vernau. When the lawyer shows up at the agreed meeting in the middle of the night, he finds the officer dead. The evidence goes back to a meal with Vernau’s friend Sebastian Marquardt, who, however, does not turn out to be helpful in the investigation.

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When Marquardt then suddenly disappears, Vernau and his colleague Marie-Luise Hoffmann find out that four years ago, when the hospitality receipt was issued, a Berlin public prosecutor had committed suicide. How does eating with his boyfriend and this suicide go together? In the course of the investigation, Vernau ends up in mortal danger himself.

Missed the program? Watch “Requiem for a Friend” in replay

If you don’t have time on the evening of June 27th, you can also watch the sixth episode of the crime series in the ZDF-Retrieve library. The title is available there until June 17, 2023.(THE)