The best pastry chef was back this Wednesday, September 12, 2018 for the delight of gourmands! For this first episode, the famous tent of the sweet contest celebrated … Back to school! Twelve new candidates (among them, the viewers were able to discover the look-alike of Mercotte!) Knotted their apron and competed with imagination and technicality to bluff an exceptional jury: the inseparable and always accomplices Mercotte and Cyril Lignac! Among the highlights of the evening, there was of course the classic revisited. The candidates had to give their interpretation of the marbled … The viewers have seen all the colors! Among the candidates who stood out, Julien, the youngest of the competition. At only 16 years old, he impressed Cyril Lignac. The other candidates will have to beware of him, despite his young age, he will be a formidable opponent! Other candidates have not demerit either … But the case was bitter at the time of the technical test of Mercotte! ⋙ The best pastry chef: what does Mercotte think of his double, candidate this season? (VIDEO) "Ah, Holy Charlemagne!" Indeed, for this first technical challenge of the season, the "grandma cake" went to find in his old grimoires the recipe of Charlemagne, a Geno cake with praline cream and the shape of an old book. Few candidates have distinguished themselves and the challenge has turned to disaster … What made laugh Mercotte and Cyril Lignac. Finally, the pastry chefs have rubbed the creative challenge. They had to create a gourmet creation from their school memories. Johanna the Pope, pastry chef and world champion baker, was there to judge them! Next week, the contest honors the north of France with a prestigious guest … Dany Boon! ⋙ The best pastry chef: Cyril Lignac and Mercotte judge our creations … For better and for worse! (VIDEO) Find the replay of the show on 6play and find all the information related to replay in our replay guide.


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