Report 552 "Political Prisoners" in Nicaragua


Figures The Government indicates that there are more than 200 detainees, whom it defines as "terrorists" and "coup leaders".

The opposition National Blue and White Unit reported today that 552 people are being held in jails in Nicaragua for protesting against the government of President Daniel Ortega, in the context of the sociopolitical crisis that is going through the country and that has left hundreds dead since April.

"At present, there are 552 political prisoners and prisoners of which 46 are women," said the Unit in a public statement.

"All these people are subjected to arbitrary and inhumane conditions of detention, to cruel and degrading treatment, to sexual violations as a method of torture and, in the case of women, to the male violence of their jailers," he complained.

That coalition held that on October 26, at night, about 25 custodians of the Women's Penitentiary Center "La Esperanza" entered the cells to beat the "political prisoners", including the merchant Ireland Jérez.

"The injured women had abrasions and inflammations on their faces, hands and arms, and even Brenda Muñoz Martínez, who suffers from a serious illness, fainted in the cell before such a beating," the source said.

That Unit demanded that the authorities respect the rights and integrity of women and men who are today "unjustly" deprived of their liberty.

They also asked the international human rights organizations "to maintain their valuable support in the demand for an end to repression and an urgent solution to the crisis."


Nicaragua has been experiencing a socio-political crisis since last April, which has left, in the framework of anti-government protests, between 325 and 528 deaths.


The government of that country says it is the victim of an attempted coup and denies the allegations of abuses against the demonstrators.

Figures The Government indicates that there are more than 200 detainees, whom it defines as "terrorists" and "coup leaders".


NICARAGUA political prisoners



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