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Report: Apple adds dark mode to iOS 13

Apple is expected to continue its annual strategy for updating the operating system for mobile devices iOS with the advent of the beta version of iOS 13 at the World Developers Conference WWDC 2019, to be held in June in San Jose, but it seems that a host of new features have leaked months ago.

According to a new report, Apple is poised to launch iOS 13, with system-wide Dark Mode, system-level undo gestures, and important improvements to e-mail, Safari web browser, and multitasking among other changes.

Dark mode is the most obvious addition, a feature that first appeared in the individual iOS applications before it reached the MacOS Mojave system, which is now supposed to reach iOS 13.

As shown in the screenshot below, dark mode is a more sophisticated "reverse screen" feature, which converts the application interface from white, light gray, black, dark gray, with the heart of font colors, and generally preserves graphic elements Other.

This feature provides battery life on OLED phone screens, because it uses power only when individual pixels are illuminated.

Topics related to what you read now:

Apple seems to be working to improve the system-wide undo feature on iOS 13, which for years relied on machine shake.

The new feature starts with a three-finger click on the keyboard, moving left to back or right to repeat, and similarly, selecting multiple items at once will become easier, with multi-finger drawers.

Other changes at the operating system level allow iPad applications to create multiple windows, a new board to manage and install fonts, with more powerful Mac-style support, and Apple also tweaks Hey Siri to better avoid common noise.

"Many improvements are application-specific," says the report, which cites people familiar with the development of the operating system After you enter the automatic rating feature – supported by Apple Card purchasing automation – the Mail application will be able to sort messages into categories, Such as travel, marketing, and procurement, as well as creating "read later" lists.

The application gets reminders on Undefined repair process, while the Safari browser – on the iPad computer by default – the desktop version, rather than the mobile device version, besides providing Better multi-language support for keyboards and dictates, and built-in print controls.

The trial version of iOS 13 is expected to arrive shortly after Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, closes his traditional speech at the WWDC, which begins this year on June 3.


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