Report Sentul City to Komnas HAM, Bojong Koneng Resident: This Is Not Just Rocky Gerung’s Case

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Dozens of residents of Bojong Koneng, Bogor Regency, officially filed complaints related to the land dispute with PT Sentul City to Komnas HAM, Tuesday (27/9/2021).

A member of the legal representative for Bojong Koneng residents, Alghiffari Aqsa, said that there were at least 20 Bojong Koneng residents from various RTs who came to the institution that guarantees the protection of human rights.

“Here we are together with about 20 residents from various RTs as well as several lawyers who accompany us collectively to report arbitrary actions and ask for protection to Komnas HAM,” Alghiffari told the media at Komnas HAM.

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It is known that in this land dispute, a political observer and academician Rocky Gerung was also involved whose house was also threatened to be vacated.

It’s just that Alghiffari said that this case is not just a problem experienced by Rocky Gerung personally.

However, there are thousands of Bojong Koneng residents whose lives are also threatened, especially with the confiscation of land rights due to the actions of a large corporation.

Where based on the records of the coalition of residents of Bojong Koneng, there are at least 6,000 residents who will experience the impact of the forced evictions carried out by PT Sentul City.

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“This is not only the Rocky Gerung case that we report but also other cases. That there was violence committed by corporations that violated human rights, that there were attempts at land grabbing or land grabbing from the land mafia or large corporations or large developers of land. residents, both residents who have lived there for decades or people who have good ethics in buying land from cultivators or other residents,” he explained.

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“There are many RT RW and hundreds, yesterday we said there were around 6 thousand people who could be affected by the eviction that will be carried out by Sentul city,” continued Alghiffari.

Alghiffari said that his party had also brought a number of evidences which were submitted to Komnas HAM.