Report. With migrants trapped in Libya

Report.  With migrants trapped in Libya

Libyan militias, in cahoots with the smugglers, detain migrants in inhuman conditions in order to ransom them. Treated like goods, these refugees find themselves without any recourse. The Sorman Detention Center, home to hundreds of refugees, is nothing more than a block of concrete. It is located next to a secondary road in western Libya, about 60 kilometers from Tripoli, not far from Sabratha and Zawiya, two cities whose prosperity now rests on oil trafficking [especially with families. of the Sicilian mafia]. A man stands guard in front of a padlocked door, the only entrance to the building. He refuses to give his name out of fear for his safety, but agrees to let us in. Inside, about 250 women and 30 children on the floor, against each other, occupy as little space as possible. Beside each mattress, a few objects strew the ground, including soaps and combs. Some prisoners have a spare shirt. Many have nothing at all. Jandra, a young woman in her twenties, has fled the poverty of Côte d’Ivoire to seek a better future in Europe. She has already tried to leave the Libyan coast: she sailed on a rubber boat with 120 migrants, but the engine broke down. The Libyan coast guards brought them all back to the ground and arrested. She recalls that they were first taken to an official center in Zawiya. “We were 1,200, crammed by hundreds in each room. We […] Francesca Mannocchi Source Founded in February 2014, Middle East Eye is an independent news site. Thanks to a broad network of correspondents, it covers 24 countries and deals with political, economic and social issues.
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